On the 8th Day of Social Media, My SIG Leaders Gave to Me…

On the 8th Day of Social Media, My SIG Leaders Gave to Me… Eight Enlightening Videos!

It’s the eighth day of Social Media, and we’ve got a great batch of enlightening, informative, and educational videos on tap for you. Enjoy:

1. KPMG Social Media Guidelines

Why you should watch it: this video explains what social media is, why professional service providers must learn and use the tools, and how they should do it. All in 4 minutes and 38 seconds. Here’s a taste: “Social media is still in its early states. But adopting it now is vital for your future and the future of the KPMG brand.”

2. 2012 In-House Counsel New Media Engagement Survey – Greentarget 

Why you should watch it: Greentarget asked more than 300 in-house lawyers whether or not they pay attention to social networks. You need to know what they said.

3. Steven Bell: Back to the Future - Changes in Legal Marketing

Why you should watch it: when Womble’s Chief Client Development Officer announces that his firm is going to focus their marketing and business development efforts on just two types of activity, you pay attention.

4. Tim Corcoran: Rainmaking as Much About Data as Handshakes

Why you should watch it: the effort Corcoran describes – analyzing clients and practices, markets and opportunities, resources and revenues to craft actionable plans for developing business – is the future of the successful law firm.

5. Adrian Lurssen: Want More-Sharable Content? Write About “What Keeps Your Clients Up at Night”

Why you should watch it: lawyers write a lot of valuable and timely content - white papers, client alerts, newsletters, and the like - but if clients, journalists, and peers aren’t sharing it, the work likely isn’t reaching its targets. How to get beyond that? Write what your audience needs to know.

6. Lisa Hart Shepherd - why GCs fire law firms

Why you should watch it: Acritas surveyed around 2500 GCs to find out why they fire law firms. The most common answer might not surprise you (spoiler alert: it’s pricing), but it’s not the only one. You should know them all.

7. Dechert Pro Bono – a World of Good

Why you should watch it: Dechert’s pro bono program is probably similar to that of most big law firms. But it sure seems different – no, better – when you watch this video. Their lawyers tell great stories, and in doing so create an effective marketing tool for the firm.

8. Allen Matkins – Call Me Maybe? Parody

Why you should watch it: Because it’s fun. Because it will make you laugh. Because Allen Matkins took a chance, poked a little fun at themselves, and had a great time in the process (yes, it shows). Not your typical marketing piece, but a very effective one.


Eight enlightening videos

Seven social podcasts

Six Scintillating Webinars

Five (Funky) Fearless Leaders Videos...

Four Facebook Fans…

Three Thrilling Photos…

Two Terrific Liaisons…

…and a Community Page in a pear tree! 


Last point - the 12 days of Social Media is just part of what you get when you're a SIG member. To get full benefits:

1. Join the Social Media SIG

2. Join the LinkedIn LMA Social Media SIG private group

3. Join the LMA Social Media Private Group on Facebook

4. If you're not already a member of LMA, join here


PS: a big Social Media SIG thank you to Meredith Halperin, IT Client Manager at SmithBucklin and LMA website guru, who made the eighth day possible by sorting out the video embed problems. Thanks, Meredith! 

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