Standing Out In a Crowd

If you have or know children under the age of 12, chances are you are very familiar with Silly Bandz, Zhu Zhu Pets, and any other fad that captures the hearts of the tween and under set.  Our house has not been immune to these (I often find Silly Bandz in the vacuum cleaner or in my dog's mouth!).  Fads grab our attention because of our desire to "fit in" or be the same as everyone else.  In the law firm world though, we want to keep up with everyone, but it is what makes our firms different that helps set us apart from the competition. 

How can we help our law firms stand out in a crowded marketplace?  This was the question we explored at this year's October half-day program, which I hope you had the opportunity to attend.  From our keynote speaker, John Plank, to our great line-up of in-house counsel, each of our presenters gave us actionable takeaways to help our firms rise above the competition.  Learn more about this event in our wrap up below, as the theme of differentiation continues in this month's newsletter.  

This issue's "Big Idea" features Howrey's false advertising practice and how LMA's own Ezra Crawford helped create and market a robust practice that could be marketed externally, and used a different, creative approach to market it internally.  Our book review takes a look at "Inbound Marketing" which focuses on online marketing and how to use the internet to achieve marketing success, which can be a clear differentiator in today's marketplace. 

Before wrapping up, I wanted to give a special thanks to everyone that participated in our volunteer day this month at the Capital Area Food Bank, especially Abby Bradfield who coordinated the event.  We may have each had different reasons for attending, but it was great to connect with my fellow LMA-ers over a common cause to help our community.  The spirit of the day was great and made me proud to be part of such a fantastic group.

Whether you waited in line for a Cabbage Patch Kid or wore jelly shoes or made friendship bracelets, LMA is a great place to come together over experiences we all share and learn from the differences that set us apart.

I look forward to seeing you at our great line-up of events this fall. 
Diana Kroner

Diana Kroner is senior director of marketing & communications at Dickstein Shapiro LLP and president of the LMA Capital Chapter

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