Video Takes the Stage

As video becomes an increasingly common feature of law firm websites, more and more legal marketers are becoming conversant in how to make effective and engaging videos. On Tuesday, July 27, the LMA Baltimore City Group met in BlueRock Productions' studio (against the background of the video industry's special "green" wall) to learn the ins and outs of creating videos for online distribution.
The panel for this presentation included Marci DeVries, President of the Baltimore chapter of the American Marketing Association and owner of MDV Interactive; Michael Marsiglia, owner of Chesapeake AED Services in Middle River; and Gregg Landry, Owner of BlueRock Productions and Studio in Baltimore.
Each presenter brought a unique perspective to the process of creating marketing videos for online distribution. Michael shared his experience in developing an engaging video for his AED (Automated External Defibrillator) products and services, starting with the fact that he knew that  he needed a video but didn't know how to create one. Gregg and Michael jointly discussed their experience working together, with Gregg leading Michael through the process of setting goals, writing a script and producing a video. 
Marci added a high-level marketing perspective, walking the group through a sample video to illustrate how minor changes can make a big difference. Her first video (which promoted the AMA), was straightforward with no special effects and came across as an "okay" video. Next, she presented the same video, with music and other features added. The effect was an engaging production that energized the viewer. The panelists also touched on technical aspects of online video, such as uploading video to YouTube for the best distribution.
The panelists demystified the world of video production and gave the audience a new comfort level with this effective and increasingly popular medium. And the green wall? No, it's not an eco-friendly backdrop, but a special paint color that videos are commonly shot against. But you'll have to produce a firm video to see it for yourself! 

Aileen Hinsch is a legal marketing consultant based near Annapolis, MD

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