On the Fourth Day of Social Media, My SIG Leaders Gave to Me

On the Fourth Day of Social Media, My SIG Leaders Gave To Me, Four Facebook Fans…facebook.jpg

  • Kevin O’Keefe
  • Gina Rubel
  • Tim Corcoran
  • Rebecca Wissler

When I started on social media, I kept Facebook very private and thought my worlds were colliding (almost like George on an old Seinfeld episode). I couldn’t have been more mistaken. While Twitter allows you to engage, you only have 140 characters. LinkedIn does afford you the opportunity to make connections with your peers, vendors and alumni, but it is very professional in my book. Facebook, however, allows you the opportunity of really getting to know someone.

The following is a list of four friends (out of the 43 current Facebook Social Media SIG Group members) and why we selected them:

okeefe jpg.jpgKevin O’Keefe. It took a while to embrace the idea of blogging for our firm, but when we did, we turned to the expert. While we can read about Kevin’s thought leadership on blogging, social media and other legal topics via LinkedIn or Twitter, Facebook made it personal. We learned how much Kevin loves sports, especially Notre Dame (go Irish) and his favorite baseball team, the Seattle Mariners. You connect better when you have a common ground (i.e., love for college football and baseball). We have enjoyed watching his children go to college and his business grow while helping all of us do our jobs better.



gina jpg.jpg

Gina Rubel. I initially met Gina via social media and then IRL (in real life) at an LMA National Annual Conference in Denver (actually over Girl Scout Cookies with Heather Morse Geller). Gina instantly connected and I learned that she was also an attorney, in addition to her duties in PR and marketing. A new mentor! After connecting on Facebook, we met her partner, Laura Powers, along with her husband and beautiful children. We all supported Gina through the loss of her father, and traveled virtually with her to Italy for the trip of a lifetime. Gina is a good friend, mentor and one to learn from.



tim.jpgTim Corcoran. What can you say about the President-Elect? In addition to being the consummate professional, on Facebook we learn he lives out of his suitcase and loves to play basketball! I’m grateful to him for sharing his expertise on his blog, and recommend it highly.  Tim is one of the smartest guys we know when it comes to marketing a law firm AND running a law firm, and we’re lucky to have him teaching us how to do it right. Good luck Mr. President, your fan club is behind you 100%.





Rebecca Wissler. In my book, Ms. NOLA Wissler is one to watch in this industry. I also met Rebecca at the LMA Denver conference. At the time, she was pregnant with her beautiful daughter, where on Facebook, we are watching her grow up. I personally love the NOLA and Saints connection, as well as her out of the box thinking on The Legal Shakeup. She’s very active in her LMA City Group, is Co-Chair of the LMA Education Committee in 2013 and works for Adams and Reese. We have worried about Rebecca through the hurricanes, and cheered with her on Sunday during the Saints game.



We’d love to have you join us in the Facebook LMA Social Media SIG Group, too! Current LMA Members can join us here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/LMASocial/

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