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Amy MerriweatherTen Questions With Amy Merriweather

1.  How did you start working in/with the legal marketing industry?
I am a former civil litigation and legal business reporter with the Daily Journal.

2.  How do you describe your job to people outside of the legal industry?
I tell them I write press releases, prep attorneys for client meetings and draft client proposals, but because the average person’s experience with legal marketing is watching CourtTV, most people think I host news conferences during perp walks. I tell my two year old, “I work in an office.”

3.  What’s the best part of your work and why?
When attorneys realize some ROI on their investment. Whether it’s securing a new client, or being quoted in the Wall Street Journal, I’m happy when they’re happy.

4.  How do you deal with “impossible” situations?
We’re legal marketers; we make the impossible, possible. I try to remain calm, manage expectations, and enlist others to help (and be sure to thank them profusely). Then market our success internally.

5.  If you were to build the “perfect” legal marketer, what skill(s) would they most need?
Effective communication, the ability to think three steps ahead, an inherent need to please others, and the ability to recognize that perfect is the enemy of good (to summarize Voltaire).

6.  If you could have any job other than what you currently do, what would that be?
Family nurse practitioner in a small town that lacks quality health care, particularly female providers.

7.  What are your passions outside of work?
All things creative. I attribute this to growing up in the MidWest; I’ve been known to sew toddler dresses, make a case of marmalade and reupholster an armchair, all in one weekend.

8.  What’s your favorite guilty pleasure?
Fast food and soda. French fries and a Coke make any day better.

9.  Why did you join LMA and is it the same reason you are still a member?
I joined for educational programming, as my background is more journalism than marketing. Now I am a member to keep up with innovations in the field, and track programs at our peer firms.

10.  What’s your best LMA memory?
I’ve had plenty of “ah-ha” moments during lunch programs or conferences, but the opportunity LMA creates to find mentors and build friendships has been invaluable.

Amy S. Merriweather
Practice Development Director
Munger, Tolles & Olson, LLP
335 S. Grand Ave. 35th Floor
Los Angeles CA, 90019

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