Meet Sharon Sognalian

Sharon SognalianSharon Sognalian, Senior Recruiter, Matura Farrington

Ten Questions With Sharon Sognalian

1.  How did you start working in/with the legal marketing industry? 

I was a recruiter placing Marketing and Advertising professionals before I discovered legal.  About 8 months after September 11th, my employer went under and I joined Matura Farrington and the wonderful world of legal Marketing!

2.  How do you describe your job to people outside of the legal industry? 

I tell people outside of legal that I am in recruitment/sales.  In a nutshell, I tell them I am in the business of placing people, essentially “match making” at law firms and corporations.

3.  What’s the best part of your work and why?  

Truly the best part of my work is making the right match between a candidate and client.  There is nothing more rewarding than knowing that both parties are happy and that I did my job to the best of my ability.

4.  How do you deal with “impossible” situations?  

Oh gosh, impossible situations come up in recruiting on a weekly (if not daily) basis.  Sometimes I feel like recruiting in general is taking the “impossible” and making it possible.  On many occasions, I have had to be a magician and pull a rabbit out of my hat!  I just really try to remain calm, keep a positive attitude and try my very best to overcome any hurdle.

5.  If you were to build the “perfect” legal marketer, what skill(s) would they most need? 

I would say the perfect legal marketer would need to be smart, strategic, a self starter, tenacious, adaptable, a good listener, organized, and social.

6.  If you could have any job other than what you currently do, what would that be? 

If I could have any other job it would be a fashion designer!

7.  What are your passions outside of work? 

My passions outside of work are fashion, animals, yoga, great food and wine.

8.  What’s your favorite guilty pleasure? 

My favorite guilty pleasure is cupcakes of all shapes, sizes and flavors!

9.  Why did you join LMA and is it the same reason you are still a member? 

I have always had a love of marketing and feel very lucky to be working in legal marketing.  I joined LMA because I really wanted to get involved and meet all of the wonderful and amazing marketers in the industry.  I have been a member of LMA for 7+ years and plan to remain one; I have built many solid relationships and want to continue to do so in the future. 

10.  What’s your best LMA memory? 

I have so many great memories of LMA but I think one of my best was the fun “drink in the pink” cocktail event at the Beverly Hills Hotel some years back.  There were so many familiar faces and we all just had such a wonderful time.  I really do enjoy all the social LMA events because they are not only fun and interesting, but they have become an important focal point of my business!

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