Program Review - Personal Branding: Amplify Your Success and Career Opportunities

The Future Law Firm Leaders Shared Interest Group (SIG) serves in-house legal marketers with fewer than five years of in-house legal marketing experience by providing them with support, mentorship, peer networking opportunities, and relevant training. 

On September 16, Anna Rappaport, executive coach at Excelleration, LLC, presented the program “Personal Branding: Amplify Your Success and Career Opportunities” to the Future Leaders group of the Legal Marketing Association Capital Chapter. The event focused on how your personal brand directly affects your career, how to identify your current brand and enhance it, and how these lessons can be applied when working on branding efforts with your lawyers and firm. 

A personal brand, much like a company brand, is deliberate messaging that describes what value you provide and what you stand for. It is what people think when they hear your name, evoking comfort and familiarity. You do not need to be unusual or different in order to develop your personal brand.

Why is it important to make a conscious effort to brand yourself?

  • Your career options are determined by others’ perceptions of you and not the reality.
  • To ensure others perceive your best qualities, make an effort to start group meetings by emphasizing positive achievements before moving onto the negatives. 
  • Personal branding can prevent accidents, habits, or biases from limiting your career options.
  • There are inherent challenges of a law firm environment; by showing what you have to offer, you can control how you come across to others.

How do you decide your brand?

  • Identify your strengths. Professional feedback is key because it helps us appreciate qualities that we take for granted and better understand what others view as important.
  • Identify the professional role you wish to fill, and in which organization.
  •  Pick three characteristics related to the above.

How do you convey your brand?

  • The three Cs of branding – clarity, consistency, and constancy.
  • The role of courage – anytime you express yourself in the world it takes courage.  Remember, you won’t fit every job and not everyone will like you. It is hard to put yourself out there, but the rewards are huge.
  • Once you find direction, it is easier to determine the steps you need to take.

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By Lara Knowles, Marketing Specialist, Harris, Wiltshire & Grannis LLP for the September/October 2015 issue of the Capital Ideas Newsletter. 

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