1-Minute Insights Video Series: Second Installment

Our in-house counsel outreach SIG asked five GCs to answer some pertinent questions about working with outside counsel. With the help of our sponsor for this project, Womble Carlyle, we've edited down their responses to a series of 1-Minute Insights for our LMASE membership to utilize as an educational tool with lawyers across firms. 

Watch the second 1-Minute Insight at the link below!

What do you wish all outside counsel knew about working with you? 
What do you wish all outside counsel knew about working with you?

Our interviewees for this video are: 
John Mayo, HSM Solutions
Peter Barr, Rack Room Shoes

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Great video!

October 6, 2015 08:56 AM by Nancy Myrland

I love this short video. I don't know if you've been doing them for a while, or if I've just missed them, but I look forward to more! 

Keep it up!

Nancy Myrland

Answered My Own Question

October 6, 2015 08:57 AM by Nancy Myrland

Okay, now that I've actually re-read the title of the video, I see this is the 2nd one you've released. ;-)  

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