CRM SIG Program: Pipeline to Business Development Success

Program Title: CRM SIG Program: Pipeline to Business Development Success

Date: 9/09/2015 

Time: 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. Cost (Members): Complimentary - $25 at the door |   (Non members):  $25 with pre-registration - $40 at the door


Cohen Seglias Pallas Greenhall & Furman PC | United Plaza | 19th Floor | 30 South 17th St. | Philadelphia, PA


Program Information:

What gets measured gets done. This can certainly be said about “non-billable” activities in law firms. Busy lawyers are tasked with competing demands for their very valuable – and very limited – time. And for lawyers, time is money – literally – so anything that takes away from Client billing often ends up being put off until attorneys have time, which sometimes means indefinitely.

But recently as competition for work has increased and pricing pressure has become more intense, law firms are finally being forced to focus on the one non-billable activity that makes all the other billable activities possible: business development. They are also learning that successful business development takes time.

So it’s not surprising that attorneys are now searching for technology to make this process less time-consuming and more effective. One type of technology that can help enhance law firm business development efforts has actually been ubiquitous in other industries for years: the business development pipeline. (They call it sales, but let’s not split hairs.)

This presentation will explore various technologies – some advanced and some basic - that law firms can utilize to track and enhance business development. (Because in the end, the results are as important as the technology, right?) We’ll also touch on the key investments that law firms need to make to achieve business development success: good business development and marketing professionals to support the process.


Christina R. Fritsch JD, CLIENTSFirst Consulting, LLC

Kevin A. Bosshardt, Saul Ewing

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