LMASE Scholarship Recipient Article: Pinch Me Moments


Caroline Yarborough

Caroline Yarborough with K&L Gates was this year's Annual Conference Scholarship recipient. This is the first in a series of three articles Caroline will author regarding her experience at the LMA Annual Conference in 2015.


In legal marketing, "pinch me" moments can be few and far between but when they do happen -- those winning the RFP on which you tirelessly worked for weeks or receiving a "thank you" from one of the more difficult to please attorneys -- it's as if you won the proverbial job lottery. Having the opportunity to attend the 2015 LMA Annual Conference as a recipient of the LMASE scholarship was a pinch me moment.


The conference had more key takeaways than can be summarized in three brief LMASE Connection articles; however, there is one key theme the conference illustrated across all programming, conference events and even the social media platform: it's the relationships that matter. For this and the next two LMASE Connections, tips for enhancing (if my notes were that good) or making the most of your relationships with attorneys, firm clients, marketing colleagues and vendors will be provided.


Without further adieu, below please find takeaways on enhancing your attorney-marketing relationship from the "Preparing Managing Partners to Talk to Clients in Meaningful Ways" panel by Beth Cuzzone, Dave Bruns, Erin Corbin Measzaros and Tara Weintritt.

  1. Think strategically. View the client list as a traffic light: red (declining); yellow (good but what more?); green (good).
  2. It is imperative to have honest and candid conversation with the attorneys you support. It's how good relationships are built.
  3. Think about and position the firm for succession planning. The attorneys' future success is your future success.
  4. Share global feedback/lessons learned with the attorneys you support.
  5. Tailor work-styles and projects to the attorney. They're your internal client, and everyone wants to have processes and work products customized to their preference.


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