LMA Vancouver Chapter Mentorship Program




The LMA Vancouver Chapter Mentorship Program has been successfully in place for a number of years and is an invaluable resource for many members of the legal marketing community in Vancouver. The program accepts new mentors and mentees on an on-going basis and we encourage participation from our membership no matter the stage of their professional careers.

What are the benefits?

  • If you have recently joined the world of legal marketing, gaining the insights of a seasoned professional will help you accelerate your learning curve in the industry.
  • For mid-career professionals you may find either the role of mentor, mentee, or both a valuable career enhancing experience.
  • If you have extensive experience in legal marketing, your expertise is a valuable resource for newcomers and mid-career members, and spending time with a mentee may provide a new outlook to your professional practice.

Who qualifies?

The LMA Mentorship Program is for LMA Members only.

How do I sign up?

If you would like to take part as a mentor or mentee (or both), please complete the survey here.

We will use this information to match up mentors and mentees.  If you are currently involved in the mentorship program, but would like to consider being paired up with a different mentor or mentee, include a note in your survey answers indicating that you are currently participating but are looking to be matched with a new mentor/mentee.  We look forward to our community continuing to grow with your input and participation.

What kind of commitment is involved?

The mentoring program is designed to be scheduled at the convenience of the mentor and the mentee. The mentorship lead, Elizabeth Reymundo, will help facilitate the program by matching the mentors with the mentees, sharing information and resources on mentoring and providing frequent evaluation of the program.

The 12-month program is entirely voluntary.


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