Confessions of a Technology Neophyte

I humbly stand before you (or rather, cower behind a computer screen) and admit that not only am I not a member of the techno-literati, but technology kind of scares me a little. Don’t get me wrong, I know how to use my computer and can pretty ably troubleshoot issues with the ice maker in my freezer, but the world of technology, and its rapid evolution, is overwhelming and gives me somewhat of a headache if I think too hard about it.  So when our enterprising programming and communication committees decided that the theme for March/April is “technology” my internal monologue groaned.

It is somewhat ironic, then, that I spend much of my time in my role at my firm touting the benefits of technology to the lawyers I support.  Technology is supposed to make our lives easier and whether it’s encouraging them to start using our new CRM system to track their business development efforts or asking them to consider starting a blog to help amplify their perspective, there doesn’t seem to be a marketing initiative that can’t be benefited by advances in technology.

As I discussed in my message last month, our theme this year is value.  What better way to demonstrate your value than by introducing a lawyer or colleague to a new technology that will help them get closer to a goal, or help them do something more efficiently?  Many of the technologies our firms are using, or considering using, are discussed in this issue of Capital Ideas.  As you read through, I think you’ll find some interesting thoughts on how to capitalize on what is currently available, and perhaps get a head’s up on what may be coming down the pike.  Maybe something here will even spawn a new idea.

Just don’t make it too scary.



By Laurie Paul, President of the LMA Capital Chapter and Senior Business Development Manager at Steptoe & Johnson LLP, for the March/April 2015 issue of the Capital Ideas Newsletter.

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