Resources to Help You Get Ahead in Your Career

With the New Year just around the corner, this is the time for many people to reflect on their lives—where they have been and where they are going.  Reevaluating your job or career can be a big part of this.  With an eye to the future, whether you’re planning to stay in your current job or look for another, this may be a good time to assess your skill set—what skills you currently have and which do you need to acquire to move either up or out. 

1. Personal Branding Blog: Stand Out in Your Career

One of the best sites I’ve come across that focuses on branding yourself is the Personal Branding Blog: Stand Out in Your Career.  The mission of the blog is ‘Learn how to build a powerful personal brand that will differentiate you and allow you to compete in the global marketplace.”  Each article on the blog discusses personal branding, professional development, and building or rebuilding a career in a new and creative way. Articles include “Getting Your Foot in the Door: 3 Strategies to Break into a New Career,” “Can We Improve Our Decisions and Control Our Future?,” and ”Does Your Personality Mesh with Your Career?”  The blog is divided into several different sections, each with its own focus:  Skill Development, Networking, Job Search, Workplace Success, Entrepreneurship, and Career Resources.  All are written by different contributing authors.  This blog was selected by Forbes as one of the Top 100 Web Sites for Your Career. 

2. The 17 Fastest Ways to Get Ahead in Your Career

In this inspiring post on the Business Insider web site, contributor Maggie Zhang provides the reader with 17 practical pieces of career advice.  Some of these include: Choose anxiety-driven growth over boredom-driven growth, establish a goal to eventually become the master in your field, and surround yourself with the right people. 

3.  Quintessential Careers

Quintessential Careers is a web site that provides a wealth of career resources, from tips on personal branding to resume building to salary negotiation.  One particularly useful article on the site is “Moving Up the Ladder:  10 Strategies for Getting Yourself Promoted” by Randall S. Hansen, PhD.   A couple of the key strategies he mentions in the article are acquiring new knowledge and skills and building your network. 

4.  Leadership & Learning with Kevn Eikenberry

Another great blog on career advancement is Kevin Eikenberry’s blog about Leadership & Learning.  Kevin presents articles on such topics as leadership and supervisory skills, presentation skills, personal and professional development, and more.  Within each of these topics are several articles that expand on the theme. For example, under the area of “Communication & Interpersonal Skills,” Kevin posted an article entitled “Creating Real Team Alignment.”  All of his articles help the reader successfully navigate some workplace challenges. 

By Ellen Katkin, Director of Marketing at Gilbert LLP, for the November/December 2014 issue of the Capital Ideas Newsletter.


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