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FT Future of Marketing SummitFT Future of Marketing Summit
Communities, Culture and Creativity

 Wednesday, September 17, 2014 | 10 on the Park - NYC

 The second annual Future of Marketing Summit, hosted by the Financial Times, brings together the most forward-thinking marketers, innovators and entrepreneurs to discuss the leading edge of the evolving marketing landscape. Through a series of thought-provoking interviews, discussion, debate and case studies, this program will tackle the fundamental areas of communities, culture and creativity.

Topics of Discussion Include:

  • From big data to smart data - personalizing and contextualizing data for the next level of customer targeting
  • Snippet storytelling - capturing the attention of your audience quickly, creatively and effectively
  • The omni-channel approach - telling a consistent and compelling story across multiple platforms
  • Community changes - how shifts in diversity and the millennial generation may change the way you think about your community
  • The engine of innovation - experimentation and creating a culture of innovation within your marketing organization
  • The true value of content - measuring the ROI of native advertising
  • Back to the physical - connecting the physical to the digital world for real-time connections to your brand

Learn more and register for the Financial Times' Future of Marketing Summit. Use the discount code FTLMA when registering to receive 20 percent off!

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