LMA Think Tank Live Discussion Summary

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This year's LMA Annual Conference once again gathered some of the best and brightest minds in our
field to explore two transformational issues facing our industry. Think Tank Live! covered a substantial
amount of ground, and we are grateful to all of those who participated and provided their observations,
insights, and shared knowledge.

Of course, these sessions were just the launch of an iterative process. The foundations for this ongoing
dialogue have been laid with the articulation of best practices—both those that are currently in place as
well as those that are more aspirational.

Guided by the panels’ output, we have also pulled in some thinking from both inside and outside the
legal services sector, in the hope that it might spark new ideas and discernment, and perhaps some
future innovations. While we cannot capture the full detail of each session in this summary, we are
hopeful that these highlights and distillations will help keep the discussion alive.

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