Four Things You Should Know About Twitter's New Design

Twitter has officially launched its new design — clearly inspired by Facebook and Instagram — and is now offering the updates to all users. If you're not aware of this recent change, you should be! Here are four ways you can use the new look to your firm's advantage.

1: Updated Channel Layout

The new Twitter Header takes inspiration from other social networks, and adds an extra pop of eye candy for users when they land on a channel. Since this new space eliminates the need for a background, make sure you're reinforcing the message you want with this space (if that's promoting your site: include your URL!). The dimensions for this new header are 1500x500 pixels.

Some inspiration from early adopters:

Fast Company Twitter channel

McDonald's Twitter channel

ESPN Twitter channel

2: More Visual Feed

Taking even more cues from other visual networks, Twitter is now providing users in the space with a more visual feed, giving emphasis to posts that include images or video (example below). To take advantage of this, aim to include more visual content whenever possible so that your posts pop.

New Twitter feed

3: Pinned Tweets

Similar to Facebook, you can now pin Twitter messages to the top of your feed. If you have an event coming up, this may be a great way to bring extra eyes to a tweet about ticket sales or event content, like we did in the image below.

Example of pinned tweet.

4: Photo Albums & Top Content

In addition to the updates above, you can now upload multiple photos at once within one tweet in a more "photo album" style. What's more, top tweets from your channel are emphasized more boldly. Head to our Twitter to see what we mean.

Questions? Ask us in the comments!

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