Market the Heck Out of Your Firm’s Rankings

Our lawyers love to be ranked, and we love to create compelling and useful marketing collateral.  So the question is how can you market the heck out of your firm and lawyer rankings?

After receiving your ranking results, you should first do your internal marketing. You need to internally manage and distribute the message.  As a marketing professional, you need to balance both the pride of the good news with the communication of disappointing results. Before the ranking results are published internally or externally, the information needs to be personally shared with the attorneys who contributed to the submission and were under consideration for ranking. The attorneys who participated invested a lot of time in the process and should know the results first. If the lawyer/practice is ranked, your lawyer/s will be happy, and if your lawyers/practice are not ranked or fell within the band rankings, there will be disappointment. Either way, your lawyers need to know the outcome.

Next, the news should be shared internally. Your firm and lawyers should know the status of the rankings before reading it in the press. It should be shared with departments/practices via announcements at meetings and/or internal communications (i.e. emails and newsletters.) If your firm has an internal newsletter or intranet, promote your rankings there too.

Externally, you should create a press release announcing your rankings so that you have something formal to post onto your Web site; releases are occasionally picked up by news aggregator e-newsletters.  It is also a good reference for the future.  Remember to link the press release to your named lawyers’ bios as well as the relevant departments/practice areas.

Review your pitch and proposal materials to ensure that they include the most recent rankings and quotes.   Review your marketing collateral to update the same information. Consider making a marketing piece that promotes your rankings what others are saying about your firm.

Do not send an email blast to your client lists just to announce your ranking results. Perhaps make mention in a client alert or newsletter instead.

It is important to personally share the results with your client references.  Thank your clients for taking the time to speak with the directory. Email them to let them know that you were ranked, and thank them for taking the time to act as a reference.  Even if you do not know if your reference spoke to the directory, they agreed to so assume they did, and thank them.

Your attorney bios also need to be updated to include the latest rankings (as well as internal profiles if the information is housed in a separate database.) Quotes in bios should be reviewed for updates too.

If your firm encourages its attorneys to use LinkedIn and Twitter, it can be part of your promotion mix. Send three sample posts to each attorney, and ask them to post one. By sending three samples, all of your attorneys are not posting the same thing, and you have made it easy for them.

For example:

  • John Smith is ranked in Chambers 2014
  • Chambers 2014 ranked John Smith
  • I am pleased to share that I was ranked in Chambers 2014

After the ranking season concludes, review what did and did not work for your firm, and update your process for next year.

Happy rankings!

Click here for a Market Your Rankings Check List.

By Helena M. Lawrence, Business Development Manager, Proskauer, for the March/April 2014 Issue of the Capital Ideas Newsletter.

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