LMA-LA Winter 2014 Newsletter

A Note from the President...

It's that time of year - time for writing resolutions, planning for the year and, if
you're lucky, cleaning your desk.  What will you resolve to do in 2014?  Focus
on professional development?  Expand your network?  Seek out a promotion? 
LMA-LA can support those goals, as we are here to serve as the definitive
professional development resource and career partner for those involved in
marketing and business development in the legal industry.  As for me, I am
adding one more item on my list of resolutions: filling some big shoes
(figuratively speaking) of the LMA-LA presidents before me. 


We have a busy year planned for the first part of 2014.  While our first program
fell victim to the winter storm, which disabled the travel plans
of our
January speakers, we are offering two opportunities to attend programs in
February.  We provided video streaming to the Bay Area chapter's program on
February 11th and will hold our monthly program on February 19th. We hope to see
you on Wednesday, February 19th.   


Here are a few highlights to look forward to this year:  

  • We are ramping up a solid year of programming that we hope will provide you
    with great opportunities for professional development and networking. Watch for
    details coming soon and please mark your calendars.
  • Our 12th Annual Continuing Marketing Education (CME) planning is underway
    for September 2014. Stay tuned for program information. You will not want to
    miss this event!
  • We will continue our small group networking opportunities at our monthly
    programs for those who would like an opportunity to meet new people in the LMA
    community and expand their networks.
  • We will award our second LMA-LA Scholarship at the end of this year, which
    will provide program access to those who would otherwise be limited in their
    ability to fully participate in the Chapter.

I am excited to work with the fabulous group of legal marketers on our 2014 board
and committees.  If you are interested joining us and getting more involved on
one of our committees, please feel free to contact any of the 2014 Board members. We
would love to have you join us!


In the meantime, I wish everyone the best for 2014 and I look forward to the
exciting year in store for the LMA-LA chapter.

Marie Hsing

2014 LMA-LA President


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