How Lawyers Can Use Client Feedback to Competitive Advantage - Jill Weber

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How Lawyers Can Use Client Feedback to Competitive Advantage [watch interview]

Jill Weber, Chief Business Development Officer, Stinson Leonard Street

Referrals, not surprisingly, are the lifeblood of business development and new business generation in the legal industry. The 520-attorney, Minnesota-based firm Stinson Leonard Street is no exception. Given the importance of referrals, and their growing importance as competition intensifies, Stinson Leonard recently completed a web-based survey that sought to determine exactly how likely clients were to refer the firm. In her talk, Jill Weber, Stinson Leonard's chief marketing and business development officer, detailed the implementation of the survey which utilized the Net Promoter metric. Clients assigned the firm a score based solely on the their likelihood of referring the firm. Those clients giving the firm a 10 or nine on a scale from one to 10 are described as "advocates." The main benefit to a business engaging in this exercise comes not in the scoring but in the follow up. For Stinson Leonard, the goal was to increase the number of client "advocates" by reaching out to those clients who did not give the firm a nine or 10. Based on past Net Promoter-centric analyses, those clients classified as advocates are responsible for as much as 80 percent of referrals. According to Weber, more advocates directly correlates with more revenue.

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