How To Motivate Reluctant Lawyers - David Ackert Interview

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How To Motivate Reluctant Lawyers [watch interview] 

David Ackert, Principal and Founder, Ackert Advisory and Practice Boomers

In a presentation entitled “How to Motivate Reluctant Lawyers,” David Ackert shares strategies law firm marketing professionals can use to convince lawyers who are reluctant to take on marketing and business development projects. According to Ackert, explanations like those that rely on a lack of time may have some validity. But Ackert asserts there are usually unspoken reasons, such as an aversion to social interactions, that might also explain the reluctance. Ackert proposes several ways, which can be combined, to counter a lawyer’s reluctance. Ackert contends that clearly laying out the costs of inaction such as losing a client can play an important role in encouraging lawyers to act. Additionally, Ackert says that breaking apart a task into its simplest next step may also lead to a change of heart. But Ackert contends that marketers also need to be flexible, which might include making substantive changes to a proposal or even putting a proposal on hold until a more advantageous environment and mindset develops.
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