Core Skills for Legal Marketing Professionals

By Brona O’Connor, Business Development Coordinator, Fasken Martineau LLP.

This year’s LMA Core Skills Development Bootcamp was a half-day interactive session consisting of four tables of multilevel marketing professionals, each rotating through the specialized boot camp sessions.

The greatest benefit of the event was the interactive discussions that evolved amongst the professionals. The sharing of experiences and insights was extremely beneficial as it reinforced that, regardless of which firm we each worked for, our successes and challenges were similar and we could each provide an objective opinion on a common matter.

Aligning your tactics and strategies to your goals…

Susan Van Dyke’s (Van Dyke Marketing & Communications) advice of aligning your strategies and tactics to your goals was a healthy reminder to focus on what overarching goals we are trying to achieve in our firms before getting into the details of the tactics. Setting goals enables us to strategically choose the appropriate tactics to achieve those goals. If we set the tactics without any predetermined goals, we do not have a focus point or a measurement tool to monitor our progress, which leads to a flawed business plan.

Know when to proceed and when to pause…

One of the discussions which resonated with me the most was Ryan Howe, Associate, Alexander Holburn LLP, highlighting the motivations of lawyers. We, as legal marketers, often wonder why projects don’t move faster in our firms or why obtaining sign off can sometimes add an unnecessary delay. However, pausing to think about the motivations and challenges lawyers face in their own careers and the peaks and pits of their work schedules made me realise when the optimum time for pushing a project is and when it’s best to concentrate on other efforts in the interim. This insight is invaluable for effective time management and using the momentum of the lawyers to your advantage.

The art of communication…

Lynn Foley, Partner at fSquared Marketing, facilitated a group discussion whereby group members spoke about different challenges they were facing within their own firms and Lynn offered strategic, sound advice on how one might overcome the issues now and utilise the learning for the future. Allison Wolf, President of Shift Works Strategic Inc., spoke about “Effective Networking for Marketing Professionals” and emphasised that networking is not only effectively speaking about/ introducing yourself, it’s about listening too. It is the listening that is key to asking the right questions and inspiring a mutually beneficial conversation.

The boot camp session was full of legal marketing and business development tips and insights. It is the high calibre of the members and attendees that inspires rich discussion and provides valuable takeaways for all involved.

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