On The 10th Day Of Social Media, My SIG Leaders Gave To Me…

The 12 Days of Social Media

On the 10th Day of Social Media, Your SIG Leaders Gave To You:

10 Rockin' Resources!

Welcome to the 10th day of Social Media: 10 Rockin' Resources!

Turn on your favorite rock 'n' roll music (mine happens to be Led Zeppelin) and get acquainted with 10 rockin' resources!

  1. Tweetdeck or Hootsuite


    Since life seems to move at a fast pace, expect that social media does the same. Why visit multiple sites when you can post from a single one? Tweetdeck and Hootsuite are your social saviors. Not only do they let you post to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn (and more - sometimes to groups within those social sites), but also they track clicks, schedule content postings, and more! Seriously, save yourself some time and check these out. Personally, I use Tweetdeck (though I can't get it on my phone anymore - BOO, Twitter). Hootsuite works really well for organizations with multiple accounts and users. The great thing about both these tools is that they're in column format - which makes it really easy to sort your content streams by search terms or lists you create, among other possibilities. These tools make your social streams more manageable.

  2. Flipboard


    Another one of those resources that allows you to access multiple sites via one platform. Enter the era of the news aggregates! Flipboard allows you to select your own content sources - from single sources like the NYTimes  to multiple-sources based on topics ("magazines") like communications or technology. They add more value by allowing you to sync your social networks (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) into your feed. You can also create your own "magazines" and publish to your friends! The only downside is that Flipboard doesn't have a good web-viewing app (you can edit and add content to your own magazines through the web, but that's it).

  3. Google Analytics


    For those times you want to know if you have been heard. Google Analytics allows you to track data on your websites and/or blogs. The great thing about this resource is its versatility - it's used for large, corporate sites and personal bloggers. You can get into the weeds with some of its functionality (like setting up campaign tracking, site engagement or ecommerce conversions), but at the very least, Google Analytics tracks visitors and link clicks. And it's free!

  4. Bit.ly

    A great tool that shortens those too-long site URLs and tracks URLs you've shortened. This site is mainly used for Twitter because of its 140 character limit, but can be easy-on-the-eye and used on other social networks. Many other sites integrate with Bit.ly's API- which means that you can use bit.ly links (ergo bit.ly analytics) on other sites, ones like Tweetdeck, and don't have to open up a second site to shorten your URL.
  5. Buffer App


    One of my favorite new(er) apps. Buffer syncs with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to send out your posts at set times during the day. Users can post in real-time, but the app finds the "best" times to schedule posts (or you can set your own scheduled times to post). There are browser apps that enable you to post from the site without having to open up another tab for your social network (and there's an app for your phone). Now, remember friends, be careful with scheduling - avoid social media "disasters!"

  6. Evernote


    I think this is the piece of technology I use the most. Essentially, Evernote is your virtual notebook. Create folders and add notes (notes including task lists, recipes, etc.). Super easy. Evernote has a web clipper that allows you to copy web content (text, links, photos - capture everything). It's got a nice phone and tablet app to access on-the-go. Evernote recently rolled out the reminder feature to set timers for notes (in case you want to use it as a task list). You can even tag notes or share notes with friends (a premium feature, if you want to edit notes among multiple users). [Funny fact: I composed this very blog post in Evernote first!]

  7. Kindle App / iTunes / Overdrive


    Confession: I'm a book nerd. (Well, it's not a secret.) I read ALL the time, mostly on my commute to work. Yes, I own a Kindle; but the great thing about the Kindle app is that it works on other devices, and even the web. It, of course, syncs seamlessly with books I buy on Amazon. And I can also share Amazon-purchased books with my friends!

    Pretty much everyone knows about iTunes - as I don't read books on my only Apple device (an old video iPod), I cannot attest to its functionality.

    As for Overdrive, that's what my local library uses. Check your local library to see what technology is used to lend and download eBooks. It's saved me a lot of money. Now, go read and learn!

  8. Feedly


    Oh, Feedly. You came at the right time! This year marked the end of Google Reader. It sent most of us techies out into the interwebs to search for a new RSS reader, and luckily for us Feedly was there. I am a die-hard RSS user. I use it to read all my news and blogs for the day. Feedly functions in much the same way as G. Reader did, and adds a few neat things to the mix, including skins (yay! What a difference a color makes...) and different ways to view content (headline-only list, entire posts, small image with headline, etc.).

  9. IFTTT


    If This, Then That or IFTTT. This is great if you're on multiple platforms and want to broadcast a single piece of content over multiple networks. For example, say everytime you post a photo on Instagram you want it to post to your Tumblr...BOOM: IFTTT. You can make your formula "trickier" by using a hashtag on Instagram as the trigger. You can make it as simple or as complicated as you wish.

  10. Shazam


    And for my final resource, a fun one (and because we're talking "rockin'" resources!): Shazam! (Not to be confused with the hit movie Kazaam with Shaq, which is what I picture thinking of this app.) Imagine: you're in your car listening to your local radio station when a great new song plays. See, you have one of those old cars that don't display the current music selection, so you're stuck wracking your brain, trying to identify the artist. But wait! From the Social Media SIG, you heard about this awesome Shazam app that identifies the song and artist for you! That's right folks, this phone-only app - with the touch of a button - can identify those pesky songs that you love but can't remember the lyrics to. (You're welcome.)


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