On The 9th Day Of Social Media, My SIG Leaders Gave To Me…


On the 9th day of social media, your SIG leaders gave to you… 9 bloggers blogging (give or take a few…):

1. Toby Brown, Greg Lambert, and Sophia Lisa Salazar: 3 Geeks and a Law Blog

The Three Geeks are the bomb. They claim to write about “knowledge management, internet marketing, and library sciences,” but you’ll see through that fairly quickly. Instead, they use their blog to tackle some of the critical issues facing the legal profession today, like pricing, technology, and disruptive change. Smart stuff on the things that matter.

2. Bruce MacEwen: Adam Smith, Esq.

Not reading Adam Smith, Esq.? You should be! Lawyer economist MacEwen and his business partner Janet Stanton – whose pedigree includes a stint as the director of Orrick’s client relations program – will make you smart(er) about the problems that keep your clients – managing partners, practice leaders, office heads – up at night.

3. Various authors: Attorney at Work

Merrilyn Astin Tarlton has put together a very practical and useful blog for the “attorney at work,” covering a broad range of issues that all lawyers – and the legal marketers who work with them – need to know. The bonus: great insight on marketing and business development, like a recent post from Sally Schmidt on BD goals for every lawyer.

4. Tim Corcoran: The Business of Law

We were a bit worried that it might seem a bit, well, self-serving to include the blog of the INCOMING LMA PRESIDENT. So be it. Corcoran’s blog is chock full of all the good things that every legal marketer needs to know, and we think you should be reading it regularly. Even if saying so makes it sound like we’re sucking up…

5. Cordell Parvin: Cordell Parvin Blog

Parvin practiced for many years before he started to help other lawyers improve their practices (and their lives). His practical, common-sense blog posts will help you better coach the attorneys you work with. And make you a better legal marketer in the process.

6. John Grimley: International Business Development Law Blog

We like Grimley’s blog because it focuses specifically on the business development and marketing challenges facing international firms. We also think that he clearly knows his stuff (and apparently so did the former US president for whom Grimley worked).

7. Steve Bell: The New Legal Normal

Bell is one of the few legal professionals openly focused to sales, and his blog provides valuable insight on what might one day become a common practice in the legal business. Until then, it’s good to learn what you can – even if “sales” is a dirty word at your firm – and this blog is the place to do that.

8. Heather Morse-Geller: The Legal Watercooler

Morse-Geller’s straight-shooting style is refreshing. She’s not afraid to take on the establishment – one recent post: “Can someone pull the plug on Martindale-Hubbell already?” – and when she does, she always calls it just as she sees it. Our call: add The Legal Watercooler to your reading list.

9. Eric Fletcher: Marketing Brain Fodder

We especially like Fletcher's posts on 'the art of listening.' Not because we have a tendency to talk more than we listen, but rather because we agree with Fletcher that it’s impossible to make a connection when we’re only focused on what we have say.


But wait – there’s more!


We look forward to sharing the next 3 Days with you, so check back Monday to see what your SIG leaders will bring you for The 10th Day of Social Media!

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Happy Holidays from your Social Media SIG Leaders!

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