On The 3rd Day Of Social Media, My SIG Leaders Gave To Me….

3 Facebook Functions, 2 Social Slip Ups, and A Social Media Policy in a Pear Tree!

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Law firms using Facebook was probably unheard of ten years ago. With our industry and technology constantly evolving, how can firms ignore such a powerful tool? As always, when you are considering whether to jump in, examine your goals and set expectations early.  Don't forget that social media policy either and determine who has admin control. Lastly, make sure you comply with your Bar rules too!

Now that the foundation has been set, have fun with it!  What are some ways firms are having success with Facebook?

  1. Full picture. Firm websites cannot possibly tell the whole story of the firm. Rarely do you ever see an inside glimpse, but with Facebook you can share fun photos of costume contests, cooking contests, College Game Day competitions, etc. It still amazes me that holiday photos are usually the ones most viewed on our page. Your clients now know the personality of the firm.
  2. Causes and Effects. All firms give back to the community in many ways. Why not share the cause, promote their events and when appropriate, invite your FB to join in the campaign. It is rare, but we did get a cold snap in Southwest Florida and we shared that we were collecting blankets, socks, coats for the homeless. One kind FB friend saw it, collected items in her community and showed up to our office with a car full of clothes. Amazing. We all buy tables at events to benefit a charitable organization, share the information to have a greater impact.
  3. Yes, news too.  Of course it's okay to share firm news, press releases, blog posts and information that will benefit your clients. My only caution would be don't use the exact same language you do on Twitter or LinkedIn (or any other channels you are using). Remember to share news from others too. Like local chambers, industry associations, media and when appropriate, share their news too.

Those are my top three, but there are so many other uses. What are some of yours? Final take-aways:  don't overshare (one post a day is good) and it's not all about you. Share news of others and promote charitable causes.  Remember that Facebook is viewed multiple times a day by millions of millions, why isn't your firm there yet?

In case you missed the first two:


And one last note - the 12 days of Social Media are just part of what you get when you're a SIG member. To get full benefits: join the Social Media SIG, join the LinkedIn LMA Social Media SIG private group, join the LMA Social Media Private Group on Facebook and if you're not already a member of LMA, join here. As a member of the Social Media SIG, these posts will be sent to you automatically via the Groups ediscussion Forum.

 Happy Holidays from your Social Media SIG Leaders! We look forward to sharing the next 9 Days with you, so check back tomorrow to see what your SIG leaders will bring you on the 4th Day of Social Media!

Lindsay Griffiths, International Lawyers Network
Lance Godard, JD Supra
Gail Lamarche, Henderson Franklin
Nancy Myrland, Myrland Marketing & Social Media
Laura Toledo, Bowman and Brooke

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