The Attorney Portrait Is the Human Face of Your Company

Today’s business environment is changing at a frenetic pace. With the rise of the digital marketplace, businesses must adapt. To do so means being aware of how those changes impact them.

Greg.jpgIn a digital economy, decisions are being made online before face-to-face meetings even occur, if they occur at all. Potential clients form impressions of companies as they visit websites, blogs, social media pages and the online biographies of their board members, executives and management. Further, more and more business is conducted online and over the phone, as opposed to in person. Business relationships can be formed and nurtured without ever physically shaking hands.

The faces clients and potential clients see, and the information they find online, speak volumes about your firm.  Your people are the human faces of the firm. Their photos are available not only on the corporate website, but additionally through various social media outlets.

The executive portrait should be created in a manner consistent with your corporate brand and messaging. These portraits subtly reinforce your company’s vision, mission and culture. They send a message about your company and the level of professionalism of the individuals representing it.

What do LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, blogs and your company’s website all have in common? People. Your people.

A professional headshot is essential to successfully conducting business in today’s digital marketplace. Potential clients are now performing research online before accepting meetings. And they are not merely reviewing your firm’s website. They are going one step further and examining information on the people with whom they will be interacting.

According to LinkedIn, more than 225 million people in over 200 countries have become members of this digital professional network. The majority of those members are professionals who use it for business networking purposes. More than three million companies have company pages on LinkedIn.

What will potential clients find when they perform a Google or LinkedIn search on the individuals representing your firm? Will they find a grainy, personal photo of your partners and associates with a meager profile? Or will they encounter a professional headshot and a fully fleshed out profile detailing skill and expertise? Either way, your potential clients will be discerning something about your company and your professionals.

Not only will current and potential clients be making assumptions about your people, but they may also be sharing your profiles with others. It’s not enough to have a professional website. Now sophisticated social media profiles are imperative. Your peoples’ profiles speak volumes. A professional looking profile will be paramount in gaining the appropriate kind of attention you need for your business to flourish.

Without a sophisticated, polished portrait for your partners and associates, you may be doing a disservice to your business. A professional photographer ensures not only that the individual’s personality is captured, but that professionalism, trustworthiness and the firm’s brand are all reflected at the same time. This is no small feat and something that should not be left to the inexperienced photographer.

You get one chance to make a stellar first impression online. Portraits tell your firm’s story. What do you want that story to be?

Greg Lorfing is President and owner of Gittings Photography.  Gittings is a nationally recognized expert in attorney portraits and full law firm attorney portrait projects.  Greg and his team of 10 photographers have photographed over 9000 attorneys all over the world just in the last three years.

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