RFP Available for Professional Certification Market Assessment Research

LMA is interested in exploring the perceived value and need for a professional certification program among members and non-members in the field. LMA intends to conduct focus group research with key stakeholders to gauge participants’ thoughts and reactions related to a certification program, and determine the level of support that may exist for this program by professionals who would be in a position to make hiring decisions for legal marketers. This feedback will be used to develop recommendations about whether to pursue certification and what elements are essential to its success in the marketplace.

With this RFP, LMA is soliciting proposals from several market research firms capable of assisting with the focus group research with non-member audiences. The proposals will be evaluated by LMA Headquarters Staff and volunteer leaders. Following review of all proposals, LMA will select the firm that most closely aligns with project and initiative objectives.

To download the RFP, please click here.

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