LMA's Pathways to Leadership: Learn About Opportunities for and Benefits of Volunteering

As you look to expand your network, your skill-set and your professional development, we would like to ask that you also consider expanding your involvement with LMA. There are so many ways to volunteer — from writing an article to serving on a committee or becoming a board member —that no matter how much or how little time you can give, we can find a way for you to get involved.
To learn more, we invite you to join us for LMA's annual Pathways to Leadership webinar at noon CT on Oct. 9, 2013. LMA leaders will share the ways in which you can become more involved with LMA, as well as highlight how their volunteer service has benefited them.
There is one consistent theme we hear from our volunteers, year in and year out: The more someone puts into LMA, the more that person gets back — from making new friends and business contacts to learning new processes and technologies that have helped them rise to new heights within their careers.
So join us! More information, as well as webinar registration instructions, will be emailed to all members in the fall.

Click here for more information about the LMA's annual Pathways to Leadership webinar.

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