Marketing and IT: a Profitable Marriage

Law Technology News reports that cooperation and collaboration were key themes of a presentation at the 2012 Legal Marketing Association conference. "Marketing & IT? You Can't Have One Without the Other" explored how to create a partnership between the two law firm units that too often treat each other as adversaries.

The panel included two pairs of CIO/marketers who literally work across the street from each other in Cleveland: CIO Sam Shipley and director of marketing Alexis Dankovich, of Ulmer & Berne; and CIO Karen Anzuini and senior marketing communications manager Julie Gurney, of Benesch.
The key to success, said the panelists, is to define and focus on the goals of the firm's "internal clients." Focus on the opportunities, and don't fight over who is going to get credit for the project. By collaborating, marketing and IT can identify and prioritize projects, to help them "grow into business" and enhance the firm's client engagements.
This approach, the panel suggested, also helps both the marketers and IT staff to be perceived as a valuable contributor to the firm's goals.
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