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It’s hard to believe when we’re dealing with the heat and humidity of a Washington summer, but it’s time to start thinking about holiday cards.  With today’s technology there are more options than ever before, so it will take careful planning to design a card and select a delivery method that will make yours stand out from all the rest.  Below are a few web sites that you may find helpful as you start your holiday card planning:

1. An excellent planning guide

This web site is the best place to start planning.  The site provides a 13-step guide to making the critical decisions and a timeline for getting it all done—in time for the holidays.  Within the 13 steps, the authors address some of the critical decisions we all have grappled with:  e-card, printed card, or no card; who signs and sends the cards; and many more questions that you will recognize.

2. LMA YHA award winners for Holiday Cards:

 If you want to see some award-winning cards from previous years, this is the place to come.  These samples all use a very different approach, with one even showing a video holiday card, so you can get a good idea of what might work for your firm.

3. Samples of wording for corporate holiday cards

One of the most difficult decisions you need to make when designing your firm’s card is the wording.  Do you say Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Season’s Greetings, or none of the above.  Maybe you thank your clients for their business or wish them peace and prosperity in the coming year.  Whatever your thoughts are on this, you will probably find a sample on this site.

4. E-Card vs. Printed cards

This is decision many of us grapple with year after year.  There are pros and cons to each type of card delivery so, if you decided to send a card at all, this is one of the first decisions you’ll need to make.  E-cards can be less expensive than printed ones but they can get lost among the hundreds of e-mails that the recipient gets everyday.  Traditional printed cards are perceived as more personal, but they can be quite a bit more expensive and labor intensive.  And now there is video to consider and, as you will see at the next link, You Tube has become part of the decision.

5. Law Firm Holiday Greetings on You Tube

Some law firms have decided to post their holiday cards on You Tube, where the card can have an indefinite shelf life.  This offers untold opportunities for creativity.  Some are like mini-movies—others are just animated versions of a traditional card. But, even if your client deletes the card from his/her inbox, they can view it whenever they want on YouTube.

By: Ellen Katkin, Director of Marketing, Gilbert LLP for the July/August 2013 Issue of the Capital Ideas Newsletter.


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