Tips for Handling Change Successfully

Compiled by Stacy A. Smith and Marguerite Downey

change sticker.jpgThe best way to implement change is to envision how you wish to achieve your goals. Here are 20 ways to reach those goals and enrich your career. Have the vision to:

Accept That You Have Limited Time

If you acknowledge that you are busy and have a finite amount of time, you will resist the urge to wait for a better occasion to get the task accomplished. Don’t put off tomorrow what you can easily assign to someone today.

1. Stick to your schedule
2. Take action
3. Be decisive
4. Delegate + empower others
5. Confirm expectations
6. Form alliances

Make Yourself Unavailable

Carve out at least 30 minutes a day in which you have no distractions. Use your “unavailable” time to plan your important priorities. One day, your priority may be to leave work early to go for a run and get your creative juices flowing, and the next day it may be to stay late to finish a pitch.

7. No scheduled /unscheduled meetings
8. No emails, calls, texts/IMs
9. No social media postings
10. Listen to your thoughts
11. You are the focus
12. Ignore chatter

Remember that it Begins with You

Whatever change you wish to implement in your life, your department or at your firm, it must first start with you. Once you have discovered what it is that you want, you need to be the change agent. You might be surprised — others may have wanted to implement something new too.

13. Demonstrate confidence in your ideas
14. “Lean In” + motivate
15. Find a rising star + mentor them
16. Discuss your goals at team meetings
17. Innovate new plans
18. Set an example for others
19. Embrace learning
20. Listen more than you speak

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