Chambers…Tis the Season

Chambers 2013 rankings are out, and Chambers 2014 submissions are now due. Tis the season to be jolly…

Below are submission highlights for Chambers 2014.

Research schedule 

  • Changes – The research schedule has changed compared to prior years. The reason is Chambers research was back-end heavy, and Chambers wanted to spread out the workload.  Be sure to check when your submission is due, and do not make assumptions.
  • References – The submission deadline is NOT flexible.
  • Submission – Extensions are granted.

New Sections*

The new sections in Chambers 2014, some of which will be highly relevant to D.C.- area firms, are as follows:

  • Nationwide REITs (formerly a subsection of capital markets)will now be researched on its own and cover the entirety of legal work involving
  • REITs [Tax, M&A, offerings, etc. ])
  • Nationwide FCPA (formerly a subsection of International Trade)
  • Florida Technology
  • Massachusetts Technology
  • Pennsylvania Healthcare
  • Pennsylvania Construction
  • Louisiana Healthcare
  • North Carolina Healthcare
  • South Carolina Environment


  • Matters 
    • Number – Submissions include a maximum of 10 matter write ups. 
    • Time-frame – Matter write-ups should be about work performed within 12 months of the Chambers submission due date.  Matters included in the Chambers 2013 submission can be included if it is in the time-frame.
    • Team members – List everyone who played a major role in the matter. Chambers wants feedback on the whole team.
    • Write-up – Describe the unique, interesting, and ground breaking aspects of your work.
    • Confidentially – Be specific.
  • Template – Law firms do not have to use Chambers’ submission template, but the template has everything that Chambers wants to know (and leaves out what they do not want to know).

Supplemental Information
Firms can submit as much supplemental information as they want. Each researcher decides what they want to use.


  • Submitting clients early – Chambers is not asking for pre-submission of references.
  • Number – Submit 15 references (no more, no less). There can be multiple references from the same company. Title and rank does not matter; this is not a who’s who list. What is important is that the person will respond to Chambers.
  • Super references – Before contacting a reference. Chambers reviews its file on each person to see if they have been used as a reference in the past and asks them about multi-practices at the same time , when applicable.
  • Template – Law firms must use Chambers’ reference template.  
  • Chambers reference emails – Chambers will not disclose to firms what questions they ask their references because they do not want firms coaching their references.  Additionally, each researcher email varies. Questions asked may include:
    • Length of relationships
    • Work done over the past year
    • Primary contact partner, what distinguishes him/her, and other team members
    • Client service and communication
    • Law firms they see across the table and other firms they use.

Firm Interviews

Interviews are not performed with every firm. If you are granted a submission extension, you are less likely to be granted an interview. A firm interview has NO bearing on your firm’s ranking, as lawyers cannot talk themselves into a ranking. If the researcher does not have time to interview your firm, it is because they are busy talking to your references. If you have a compelling reason for an interview (i.e. a team joined or left your firm), make your case to your researcher, and reach out to Laura Mills if needed.

If your firm is granted an interview, Chambers only allows one person on the line (unless prior approval has been obtained to have more than one person). Chambers researches may cancel the call if un-approved people are on the line. Lawyers interviewed should be engaging, friendly, and want to be on the call. They should be willing to talk about their peers (not just themselves), go “to bat” for people in their practice, and give candid feedback.

For additional Chambers tips, see the LMA Capital Chapter Capital Ideas' 2013 Chambers articles How Legal Marketers Spend Their Summer in the City and Pieces of a Chambers Submission.

Chambers Resources
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*Confirmed new Chambers 2014 sections as of April 26, 2013

By: Helena M. Lawrence, Business Development Manager, Proskauer for the May/June 2013 Issue of the Capital Ideas Newsletter.

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