Legal Marketing Briefs (Spring 2013)

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Welcome to the mouthpiece of Philly's L-marketers:  Legal Marketing Briefs.  Written by members and sponsors of the Metro Philly chapter of the Legal Marketing Association, this is "must-reading" for all interested in marketing and client development for lawyers.  Available as a PDF, each article is also online:

                                        Letter from the President:  Only Connect . . .

Events Calendar

Unpacking and Mapping Your Career Business Plan  by Kimberly Rice

Campaign 2012:  The Messengers and the Media  by Elizabeth Catterall

Membership Testimonial  by Kimberly Rice

Tips for Developing a Content PR Strategy  by Rebecca Devine

Internet Technology Hot Topic: Responsive Website Design by Jason Lisi

Questions Answered!  Jamie Mulholland Interviews Holly Lentz Kleeman


Editor’s Notes

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our first 2013 edition of Legal Marketing Briefs!

Have a question about anything you’ve read in Legal Marketing Briefs? Do you know any CMOs who would like to share their perspectives? Want to get noticed by your peers? Participate in our next issue! We’re always looking for fresh insights and commentary. Take a look at our 2013 Editorial Calendar and send me your pitches!

  • Early Summer:  Practice and Marketing Strategy—Deadline:  May 15
  • Late Summer:  Social Media and the Law Firm—Deadline:  August 15
  • Fall:  The Rainmaking Issue—Deadline:  November 15

Contact Legal Marketing Briefs Editor Elizabeth Catterall at

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