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It's a personal distinction and shows that you're serious about your commitment as a legal marketer. When you become an LMA member, you have access to the best information, services and personal relationships that the profession has to offer.

You can become an LMA member in one of five categories:

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All members, regardless of category, agree to support LMA’s purposes and agree to abide by these bylaws   and such other rules and regulations as LMA may adopt to strengthen legal marketing’s professional standards.

Memberships are granted to individuals rather than to firms or companies. Memberships may only be transferred to another member if 1) the individual member requests such a transfer in writing and 2) the departing member leaves the industry.

Group Rate Program

Group rates also are for law firms and service provider companies with multiple LMA members. Group rates are designed to retain LMA’s individual membership structure while providing economies of scale, reducing fees for multiple individual memberships, ease of invoicing, and allowing you to reallocate memberships if individuals leave the organization. Read more about group rates

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You can create a guest login in order to purchase educational items, participate in open discussions, comment on news articles, and sign up for public newsletters.

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