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Board of Directors

LMA is led by an elected international Board of Directors. This Board consists of a president, president-elect, immediate past president, secretary, treasurer, treasurer-elect, five members-at-large, the chair of the Regional Leaders' Committee and our executive director.

The Board meets four times per year. Each Board member is asked to serve as Board liaison to a committee or task force.

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Jill Huse
Partner, Society 54, LLC
Charlotte, NC (Southeast Region)

Immediate Past President
Cynthia P. Voth
Director of Client Engagement & Innovation, Miller Nash Graham & Dunn LLP
Seattle, WA (West Region)

Kelly M. MacKinnon
Director of Business Development, Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson LLP
New York, NY (Northeast Region)

Brenda L. Plowman
Chief Marketing Officer, Fasken
Vancouver, BC (Western Canada Region)

Roy E. Sexton
Director of Marketing, Clark Hill PLC
Detroit, MI (Midwest Region)

Jennifer Johnson
Chief Executive Officer, Calibrate Legal, Inc.
Austin, TX (Southwest Region)

Michelle R. Friends
Director of Operations and Business Development, Fairfield and Woods
Denver, CO (Southwest Region)

Andrew Laver
Business Development Manager, Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney, PC
Philadelphia, PA (Northeast Region)

Amanda N. Loesch

Amanda N. Loesch
Chief Marketing Officer, Porzio, Bromberg & Newman, P.C.
Morristown, NJ (Northeast Region)

Christine N. Harris
Director of Marketing, Kane Russell Coleman Logan PC
Houston, TX (Southwest Region)

Dianne Rychlewski
Director of Marketing & Business Development, BAX Securities Law
Toronto, ON (Eastern Canada Region)

Regional Leaders’ Committee Chair
Nikki G. Sherrill
Client Development Manager, Jones Day
Atlanta, GA (Southeast Region)

Executive Director
Danielle Holland
Executive Director, Legal Marketing Association

Committees, Shared Interest Groups (SIGs) and Task Forces

LMA's strategic plan is carried out through our committees, SIGs and task forces. Each committee, SIG or task force has co-chairs that usually serve a two-year term. Any LMA member is eligible to serve on a committee. Committee and task force co-chairs prepare a status report to the Board for each Board meeting.

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Advocacy Advisory Council

The Advocacy Advisory Council (AAC) is a cross-section of the LMA membership, appointed on an annual basis, who will be guided by the Staff Advocacy Director to strategize initiatives, identify best practices and serve as ambassadors for activities that support LMA’s Strategic Goal #2. AAC’s role is intellectual in nature and involves strategizing the organization’s direction and contributing to activities related to advocacy initiatives that advocate for the legal marketing profession and foster collaboration among those driving change industrywide.

Chair/Board Liaison: Jennifer Johnson
Staff Liaison: Ashley Stenger

Annual Conference

Responsible for planning and programming the 2020 LMA Annual Conference. Please visit the annual conference website for up-to-date information.

Co-chairs: Kristen Leis and Jonathan Mattson
Board Liaison: Jill Huse
Staff Liaison: Kristy Perkins


Assists LMA's Board in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities with respect to: (i) the audit of LMA's books and records; and (ii) LMA's system of internal financial controls and procedures. LMA's external auditors shall maintain an open and transparent relationship with the Committee, and shall ultimately be accountable to LMA's Board of Directors and the Committee.

Chair/Board Liaison: Brenda L. Plowman
Staff Liaison: Alexia Malamis

Diversity & Inclusion

The Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) mission is to effectuate change by empowering and equipping LMA and its members to build diverse and inclusive marketing and business development teams.

The D&I Committee has several goals set forth for 2020, including but not exclusive to: reviewing LMA policies and procedures to ensure inclusivity; identifying and sourcing case studies and examples of successful D&I initiatives that impact a firm’s bottom line; and further developing LMA’s mentor/mentee program at the 2020 LMA Annual Conference and year-round with the goal of cultivating future leaders and bringing more diverse candidates to LMA leadership.

Co-chairs: Jessica Aries and Gia Altreche 
Board Liaison: Christine N. Harris
Staff Liaison: Emily Schmitt

Education Advisory Council

The Education Advisory Council (EAC) is a cross-section of the LMA membership and volunteers are appointed on an annual basis. The committee operations are guided by the staff liaison to strategize initiatives, guide best practices and serve as ambassadors. Advisory council members are visionaries, thought-leaders, guides and ambassadors that come from LMA’s many constituencies. The EAC will play an integral role in educational development and content, and ultimately, the value of the Legal Marketing Association.

Chair/Board Liaison: Cynthia P. Voth 
Staff Liaison: Holly Amatangelo


Oversees the financial status and general solvency of the organization. They work with staff in the annual budgeting process, review and provide recommendations on budgeted and unbudgeted spending requests and develop and recommend long-range financial objectives for the association. When appropriate, the committee will work directly with International committees/task forces and regions to provide financial guidance (i.e., tools, best practices, resources and an open forum).

Chair/Board Liaison: Brenda L. Plowman
Staff Liaison: Alexia Malamis

Member Engagement

Collaborates with staff to establish programs for recruitment, renewal and retention of LMA members and initiatives designed to stimulate growth in all membership categories. Identifies and reviews ideas for new benefits and services for members. Provides support to LMA regions and members at large in all of these areas.

Co-chairs: Erin Hawk and Rebecca Wissler
Board Liaison: Andrew Laver
Staff Liaison: Kimberly McBride


The Nominating Committee shall solicit nominations of those board positions where there is no automatic succession and submit to LMA members a slate of qualified candidates for ratification. 

Chair/Board Liaison: Cynthia P. Voth
Staff Liaison: Ashley Stenger

Recognition Program

Hall of Fame

Responsible for implementing and judging of annual Hall of Fame program.

Co-chairs: Jeanne Hammerstrom and Jennifer A. Manton
Board Liaison: Cynthia P. Voth
Staff Liaison: Kimberly McBride

Regional Leaders'

Serves as a formal platform to coordinate reciprocal communication between regional leadership and the LMA international board. Chaired by an elected region president from the previous year, this committee participates in monthly conference calls for the purpose of being briefed on and providing input on organization initiatives, share region development best practices and nurture cross-region networks.

Regional Leaders’ Committee Chair: Nikki G. Sherrill
Staff Liaison: Jena Russell

Shared Interest Groups

Shared Interest Groups (SIGs) are communities of LMA members with common interests that join together to network, educate and share best practices. SIGs meet virtually and in person, whether by teleconference, webinar, Listserv, social media, and at the LMA Annual Conference.

Board Liaison: Danielle Holland
Staff Liaison:
Emily Sokalski

Client Value SIG

Focuses on Pricing, Project Management and Process Improvement. This topic advances LMA's mission of providing thought leadership for the legal marketplace as it relates to the 4 P's of marketing: Promotion, Placement, Pricing and Product.

SIG Leaders: Chris Ende and Kristina Lambright

CMO/Senior Marketer SIG

A forum for those in a first-chair role at a law firm to share ideas and discuss relevant topics.

SIG Leaders: Suzanne Donnels and Erin Meszaros

Competitive/Market Intelligence SIG

For those who have an interest or primary role in using competitive or market intelligence or research to help their firms identify and convert new market and client opportunities.

SIG Leader: Anne Reavis and Lynne Kilgore

Diversity & Inclusion SIG

A forum for those interested in building diverse and inclusive marketing and business development teams and empowering and equipping other LMA members to do so.

SIG Leaders: Gia Altreche and Rafeedah Keys

Marketing Technology SIG

A forum for members to learn from each other and discuss the many different aspects of marketing technology in and out of our industry.

SIG Leaders: Nicole Goodwin and Helena Lawrence

Plaintiff SIG

For in-house marketers at plaintiff firms that join together to network, educate, and share best practices.

SIG Leader: Pamela Foster and Jaime Lira

Public Relations & Communications SIG

A community for those who have an interest or primary role in legal public relations.

SIG Leaders: Bethany Chieffallo and Erin West

Small Firm/Solo Marketer SIG

For in-house marketers at firms of fewer than 100 attorneys or with two or fewer marketing personnel that join together to network, educate, and share best practices.

SIG Leaders: Heather McCullough and Jennifer Griffin Scotton

Social & Digital Media SIG

For those who have an interest or primary role in using social media and online networking platforms to enhance marketing and business development efforts.

SIG Leaders: Meghan Spradling and Lynn Foley

Strategies Journal Editorial Board

The Strategies Journal Editorial Board determines, supervises and facilitates content of LMA's publication, Strategies — The Journal of Legal Marketing. The magazine is published six (6) times per year. Committee members can expect to become actively involved in the production of the magazine. Each year we have 6 issues of Strategies and have two committee members per issue act as co-issue editors assigned at the beginning of the year. The Editorial Board also identifies opportunities for additional revenue and content distribution. Committee members are asked to be highly involved in suggesting innovative ideas for content and offering sources for authors. 

Co-chairs: Beth Cuzzone and Jenna Schiappacasse 
Board Liaison: Roy E. Sexton
Staff Liaison: Kristin Fields

Talent Development Committee

Like all organizations, LMA needs strong volunteers and leaders in order to be successful. Proactive talent development at all levels of the organization needs ongoing attention. To meet the needs of our members, the Talent Development Committee (TDC) to focus on developing our future leaders. 

Co-chairs: Nathalie Daum and Tiffany Zeigler
Board Liaison: Cynthia P. Voth
Staff Liaison: Kimberly McBride

Task Forces and Working Groups


Focused on LMA's future and the legal industry developments and disruptors impacting our profession, the Task Force will make recommendations to position LMA for future success. The Task Force will explore what LMA should be and look like in 10 years, and beyond – identifying ways to remain nimble to accommodate the continuing evolution of the legal marketing function, as well as how LMA can stay at the forefront of delivering sustained value to members.

Board Liaison: Amanda N. Loesch

Co-Chairs: Lindsey P. Bombardier and Timothy C. Corcoran

Staff Liaison: Danielle Holland


The Ethics and Marketing Working Group will support the Advocacy Advisory Council in achieving their strategic goal of becoming the authority on the Rules of Professional Conduct and furthering LMA’s relationship with the ABA Standing Committee on Ethics & Professional Responsibility.

Co-Chairs: Nancy Myrland and Kim A. Perret

Staff Liaison: Ashley Stenger


The Law School Education Working Group will support the Advocacy Advisory Council in achieving their strategic goal of expanding law school outreach and advocating for long term programming within law school curricula. This group will focus on furthering the overall brand of LMA as the go-to resource for legal marketing education in law schools, working with the Education Advisory Council to ensure alignment with LMA’s Body of Knowledge and establishing a consistent message in all LMA educational programming.

Co-Chairs: John M. Byrne and Laura Vaughn Hudson

Staff Liaison: Ashley Stenger


The Professional Advocacy Working Group will support the Advocacy Advisory Council in in furthering their efforts to be the go to source for business of law stories and the future of the legal industry. The group aims to elevate in-house marketers as true business partners and stewards of the voice of the client inside law firms.

Co-Chairs: Ezra M. Crawford and Ioana Good

Staff Liaison: Ashley Stenger


Reviews existing organizational revenue streams and identifies new opportunities to drive financial growth, including sponsorships, advertising and regional/local initiatives, among other income generating strategies and tactics.

Board Liaison: Dianne Rychlewski

Chair: Kathryn B. Whitaker

Staff Liaison: Danielle Holland


A brand's public website is its most important asset and communication vehicle. We are excited to share that LMA is moving forward with a full website redesign, in support of the recommendations from the 2019 Technology Roadmap Task Force. The Website Strategy and User Experience Task Force is the first of three task forces supporting LMA’s website redesign. This task force is focused on developing the overall strategy for the public website, establishing quantitative KPIs, researching best-in-class design, restructuring the site navigation, and developing and reviewing wireframes.

It is based on the work of this task force that the Website Design and Branding Task Force will move forward. The LMA Board of Directors will review the recommendations of this task force for approval at the March Board meeting.

Chair/Board Liaison: Michelle R. Friends

Staff Liaisons: Kat Seiffert and Meredith Halperin


This task force builds from the foundation set by the Website Strategy and User Experience Task Force and is focused on two primary areas: visual design and web copy. The LMA Board of Directors will review the recommended designs and key content pages at the July Board meeting. The approved designs and copy will be implemented and tested by the System Implementation Task Force – the third and final task force supporting LMA's website redesign.

Chair/Board Liaison: Michelle R. Friends

Staff Liaisons: Kat Seiffert and Meredith Halperin


The final task force of the three website-related task forces, the System Implementation Task Force will work with staff and regional administrators throughout the new AMS system implementation. They will be focused mostly on user testing from various perspectives and providing feedback on the setup and ease of use.

Chair/Board Liaison: Michelle R. Friends

Staff Liaison: Meredith Halperin

Well-Being Committee 

The purpose of the Well-Being Committee is to support members of the legal marketing community by providing resources, education, and advocacy to promote positive mental health, cultivate resilience, and create healthy work environments. The committee seeks to reduce mental health stigma, provide resources and training, as well as offer actionable recommendations to increase well-being and support the success of legal marketing professionals.

Co-chairs: Renee Branson and Ryan King
Board Liaison: Cynthia P. Voth
Staff Liaison: Holly Amatangelo

Regional Governing Boards

Get to know the elected 2020 regional governing board members for LMA's eight regions. 

View the 2020 Regional Governing Board Members