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Board of Directors

LMA is led by an elected international Board of Directors. This Board consists of a president, president-elect, immediate past president, secretary, treasurer, treasurer-elect, five members-at-large, the chair of the Chapter Presidents' Committee and our executive director.

The Board meets four times per year. Each Board member is asked to serve as Board liaison to a committee or task force.

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Weber, Jill.jpg

Jill S. Weber
Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer, Stinson Leonard Street
Minneapolis, MN (Midwest Region)

Keith Wewe | President, 2016 LMA Board of Directors

Immediate Past President
Keith N. Wewe
Vice President – Strategy and Solutions, Content Pilot LLC
Dallas, TX (Southwest Region)

Lakhani Ashraf.jpg

M. Ashraf Lakhani
Director of Business Development and Marketing, Porter Hedges LLP
Houston, TX (Southwest Region)

Lydia Bednerik | Member-at-Large

Lydia Bednerik
Marketing Director, Wendel, Rosen, Black & Dean LLP
Oakland, CA (West Region)

Ian Turvill

Ian Turvill
Former Chief Marketing Officer, Freeborn & Peters LLP
Chicago, IL (Midwest Region)

Jill Huse

Jill Huse
Partner, Society 54, LLC
Charlotte, NC (Southeast Region)

Darryl Cross

Darryl W. Cross
Chief Executive Officer, HighPer Coaching
Charlottesville, VA (Mid-Atlantic Region)

Kevin Iredell

Kevin Iredell
Director of Research, Greentarget
New York, NY (Northeast Region)

Kelly MacKinnon

Kelly MacKinnon
Director of Business Development, Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson LLP
New York, NY (Northeast Region)

Anne Malloy Tucker

Anne Malloy Tucker
Chief Marketing Officer, Hunton & Williams LLP
Washington, DC (Mid-Atlantic Region)

Kathryn Whitaker | Board | Director | Secretary

Kathryn Whitaker
Director of Marketing and Business Development, McNair Law Firm, P.A.
Charleston, SC (Southeast Region)

Katie Rutter

Regional Leaders' Committee Liaison
Katie Rutter
President, Katie Rutter Consulting
Needham, MA (Northeast Region)

Betsi Roach, MIM, CAE

Executive Director
Betsi Roach, MIM, CAE

Committees, Shared Interest Groups (SIGs) and Task Forces

LMA's strategic plan is carried out through our committees, SIGs and task forces. Each committee, SIG or task force has co-chairs that usually serve a two-year term. Any LMA member is eligible to serve on a committee. Committee and task force co-chairs prepare a status report to the Board for each Board meeting.

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Annual Conference

Responsible for planning and programming the 2017 Annual Conference. Please visit the annual conference website for up-to-date information.

Co-chairs: Paul S. Grabowski and Cynthia P. Voth
Board Liaison: Jill Weber
Staff Liaison: Kristy Perkins


Assists LMA's Board in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities with respect to: (i) the audit of LMA's books and records; and (ii) LMA's system of internal financial controls and procedures. LMA's external auditors shall maintain an open and transparent relationship with the Committee, and shall ultimately be accountable to LMA's Board of Directors and the Committee.

Chair/Board Liaison: Ian H. Turvill
Staff Liaison: Alexia Malamis

Regional Leaders

Serves as a formal platform to coordinate reciprocal communication between regional leadership and the LMA international board. Chaired by an elected region president from the previous year, this committee participates in monthly conference calls for the purpose of being briefed on and providing input on organization initiatives, share region development best practices and nurture cross-region networks.

Chair/Board Liaison: Katie Rutter
Staff Liaison: Kerry Lennon

Education Advisory Council

The Education Advisory Council is a cross-section of the LMA membership, appointed on an annual basis, who will be guided by the LMA Education Director to strategize initiatives, guide best practices and serve as ambassadors. Advisory council members are visionaries, thought-leaders, strategizers, guides and ambassadors that come from LMA's many constituencies. The EAC will play an integral role in the educational development and content, and ultimately, the value of the Legal Marketing Association.

Chair: Keith N. Wewe
Board Liaison: Darryl W. Cross
Staff Liaison: Holly Amatangelo

Task Forces

Advocacy Task Force (ATF)

The Advocacy Task force (ATF) is a cross-section of LMA members appointed to collaborate with staff to develop a three-year advocacy plan for LMA and ensure a perspective that accounts for the history of LMA as well as the organization's current direction and future goals.

Board Liaison: Kathryn B. Whitaker
Staff Liaison: Stephanie Kusibab

Diversity Implementation Task Force (DITF)

The Diversity Implementation Task force (DITF) is a cross-section of LMA members appointed to evaluate and report on the need for LMA diversity activity and to provide a recommended action plan for board consideration.

Co-Chair: Jose Cunningham
Co-Chair: Iris J. Jones
Staff Liaison: Stephanie Kusibab


Due to the significant impact in moving from chapters to regions, the Regional Implementation Task Force (RITF) was formed to develop and implement a rollout plan that ensures a smooth transition.

Co-Chair: David Bruns
Co-Chair: Jennifer A. Manton
Staff Liaison: Kim Barclay 

Shared Interest Groups

Shared Interest Groups (SIGs) are communities of LMA members with common interests that join together to network, educate and share best practices. SIGs meet virtually and in person, whether by teleconference, webinar, Listserv, social media, and at the LMA Annual Conference.

Staff Liaisons: Holly Amatangelo and Kaitlin Heininger

Client Value SIG

Focuses on Pricing, Project Management and Process Improvement. This topic advances LMA's mission of providing thought leadership for the legal marketplace as it relates to the 4 P's of marketing: Promotion, Placement, Pricing and Product.

SIG Leaders: Toby Brown and Purvi Sangvhi

CMO/Senior Marketer SIG

A forum for those in a first-chair role at a law firm to share ideas and discuss relevant topics.

SIG Leaders: Despina Kartson and Dawn Gertz Longfield

Competitive/Market Intelligence SIG

For those who have an interest or primary role in using competitive or market intelligence or research to help their firms identify and convert new market and client opportunities.

SIG Leaders: Virginia D. Ryan, Esq. and Ben Brighoff

Marketing Technology SIG

An opportunity for networking, thought leadership and career development for those responsible for and interested in legal marketing technology.

SIG Leaders: Mary Tomaro and John Witts

Public Relations SIG

A community for those who have an interest or primary role in legal public relations.

SIG Leaders: Cheryl Bame and Ryan King

Service Provider SIG

A forum for service providers to share and discuss best practices to enhance our commitment to serving our clients, our industry and our profession with the most ethical, superior and passionate approach possible.

SIG Leaders: Patrick J. Fuller and Samantha McKenna

Social Media SIG

For those who have an interest or primary role in using social media and online networking platforms to enhance marketing and business development efforts.

SIG Leaders: Stefanie L. Knapp and Karen B. Cariello

Small Firm/Solo Marketer SIG

For in-house marketers at firms of fewer than 100 attorneys or with two or fewer marketing personnel that join together to network, educate, and share best practices.

SIG Leaders: Diana L. Courson and Amanda Loesch


Oversees the financial status and general solvency of the organization. They work with staff in the annual budgeting process, review and provide recommendations on budgeted and unbudgeted spending requests and develop and recommend long-range financial objectives for the association. When appropriate, the committee will work directly with International committees/task forces and regions to provide financial guidance (i.e., tools, best practices, resources and an open forum).

Chair/Treasurer: Ian H. Turvill
Staff Liaison: Alexia Malamis


Responsible for making recommendations to the Board and Executive Director on matters related to effective governance of the organization. Specific supporting tasks in this regard include:

  • Designing and implementing an evaluation model and criteria to measure Board and committee performance
  • Create and maintain a Board development program
  • Annual review of the organization's governance structure
  • Other tasks as assigned by the Board, President or Executive Director

In addition, the committee will assume the role and responsibility for the Nominations committee. As such, the committee will also be responsible for identifying future Association leaders and administering the Pathways to Leadership program. Supporting tasks in this regard include:

  • Conducting the annual Board nominations process
  • Presenting the slate for approval
  • Advising the President-Elect and Board on committee structure and prospective committee leaders/members as part of the Pathways to Leadership program.

Co-chairs: Andrew Laver and Jim Jarrell
Board Liaison: Anne Malloy Tucker
Staff Liaison: Susan Lane

Membership Engagement

Collaborates with staff to establish programs for recruitment, renewal and retention of LMA members and initiatives designed to stimulate growth in all membership categories. Identifies and reviews ideas for new benefits and services for members. Provides support to LMA regions and members at large in all of these areas.

Co-chairs: Hans Chang and Vanessa Petrea
Board Liaison: Kathryn B. Whitaker
Staff Liaison: Kimberly Barclay

Award Programs

Hall of Fame

Responsible for implementing and judging of annual Hall of Fame Award program.

Co-chairs: Mark Beese and Wendy L. Bernero
Board Liaison: Keith N. Wewe
Staff Liaison: Kimberly Barclay

Your Honor Awards

Responsible for implementing and judging of annual Your Honor Awards program.

Co-leaders: Robert S. Algeri and Jabez LeBret
Board Liaison: Lydia Bednerik
Staff Liaison: Kimberly Barclay

Rising Star Award

Responsible for implementing and judging of annual Rising Star Award program.

Co-leaders: Jessica D. Aries and Caroline Yarborough
Board Liaison: Lydia Bednerik
Staff Liaison: Kimberly Barclay

Strategies Journal Editorial Board

Determines, supervises and facilitates content of LMA's publication, Strategies — The Journal of Legal Marketing. The magazine is published 10 times per year. The Board also identifies opportunities for additional revenue and content distribution, and oversees the work of the managing editor.

Co-chairs: Tricia M. Lilley and Tammy A. Mangan
Board Liaison: Kevin Iredell
Staff Liaison: Mike Carrozzo


Provides general oversight of the association’s technology needs. Includes the Website Redesign Task Force, currently scoped with recommending a plan and managing the execution of superficial website enhancements.

Co-chairs: Lance G. Godard and Rachel Shields Williams
Board Liaison: Kelly M. MacKinnon
Staff Liaison: Meredith Halperin

Regional Boards

Get to know the elected 2017 regional Board members for LMA's eight regions.

View the 2017 Regional Board Members