Q & A from Co-chairs

paul_grabowski.gifPaul Grabowski
Chief Marketing Officer
Bracewell LLP

cynthia_voth.gifCynthia Voth
Director of Business Development & Administration
Miller Nash Graham & Dunn LLP

1. What are the hot topics being addressed at the 2017 conference?

The committee has worked hard to take a forward-looking approach to the 2017 conference and focus on the latest trends affecting the legal industry both now and what may be coming down the road. Some of the hottest topics we will be addressing include:

  • The impact of analytics on our ability to sell legal services
  • How alternative legal service providers and artificial intelligence are impacting the industry
  • The changes in social media, law firm economics, and gender issues in law firms
  • And more!

2. Why is this a must-attend conference for legal marketers?

This is the most significant opportunity of the year for those in legal marketing to hear the latest on the changes our industry is facing from both seasoned veterans and peers, and on a scale that no other conference offers. Not only have we put together one of the most robust agendas, but we also are holding the conference in one of the most dynamic cities in the world when it comes to client experience! Whatever your reason for attending, we have developed a conference agenda that lives up to our phrase “what happens in Vegas, shouldn’t stay in Vegas!”

3. What are some new features of the 2017 conference?

One of the most exciting features of this year’s conference is that we have gone to great lengths to put forth programs that include not just legal marketing professionals, but also managing partners, senior level law firm administrators and – probably the most important feature – clients, including general counsels. This is one of the only, if not the only conference where law firm marketers and business developers can interact directly with the buyers of our firms’ services. In addition, we are raising the level of content even further. Following the Body of Knowledge, sessions will be classified as essential or advanced, with the advanced sessions offering content specifically geared toward seasoned marketers. 

4. If you are attending for the first time, what recommendations do you have for planning your agenda and overall experience?

If you are attending the LMA Conference for the first time, we would suggest a couple of things. First, look closely at the agenda. The conference committee has done an outstanding job of reviewing hundreds of submissions to pick some of the most informative and cutting-edge topics. Second, follow the breakout session key. Plan ahead to map out which programs and topics interest you most and fit to your level of experience. Third, and probably most important, be sure to network! Ask questions, talk to panelists and presenters, take advantage of the first-timer mentee program, and follow-up with the people you meet. This is a great place one place to ask questions and you will find that this community is more than forthcoming in sharing their knowledge and insights.

5. How popular are the pre-conference programs with attendees and why should people invest in these programs?

This year we have put together an exciting set of pre-conference programs that offer deep dives into a range of topics most relevant to legal marketers. The precons are your opportunity to learn much more than a one-hour presentation can offer. In addition to the ever-popular programs on PR, Legal Lean Sigma, Core Competencies, and Impact Marketing, we are offering a new precon on the Rise of the Legal Marketing Technologist. This full-day program tackles the most important technology issues legal marketers must address—from artificial intelligence to the nuts and bolts of getting meaningful marketing automation up and running. And, we once again will offer the CMO Summit, which is one of the only programs that allows attendees to not only hear from those with years of experience, but also have the opportunity to talk about common challenges and gain nuggets of information that can be applied across the board. No other legal marketing conference offers such an amazing opportunity for attendees to take part in a program specifically designed in such a manner.