Conference Agenda

Conference Day Two | Wednesday, March 29
7:45 a.m.
Registration Opens
7:45 a.m.
Breakfast in the Exhibit Hall
8:15 a.m.
General Session Doors Open
8:30 a.m.
LMA Annual Report
9:00 a.m.
LMA Awards Presentation

LMA’s recognition program enhances awareness of the contributions the LMA members make to the LMA community and the profession of legal marketing.

Hall of Fame Award celebrates individuals who have made extraordinary contributions to the legal marketing industry and LMA.

Your Honor Awards is the longest-running, annual international awards program recognizing excellence in legal marketing.

Rising Star Award recognizes exceptional professionals who are 35 years old or younger or who have less than 10 years of overall work experience in the legal marketing and business development profession.

9:30 a.m.
General Counsel Panel

Hosted By: ALM.gif

The Rapidly Changing Legal Buying Cycle: What Law firms and Vendors Need to do to Respond

Corporations are constantly evaluating the way they do business and how this impacts their bottom line. Expectations of legal service providers are also shifting, along with budgets. During this panel, you will learn from General Counsel and those most closely involved in legal services purchasing decisions how the buying criteria is changing.

Topics include:

  • What are corporations looking for from providers that they cannot handle in-house? How does this change based on the size or the organization?
  • How is the role of the procurement officer impacting client relationships?
  • How are legal spends being categorized between high-stakes and commodity investments?
  • Are dollars shifting from law firms to tech vendors?

Connie_Brenton.png Connie Brenton
Chairman of the Board
Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (CLOC)
Senior Director of Legal Operations
NetApp, Inc.

Steve Harmon.jpg Steve Harmon
Vice President and Deputy General Counsel, Legal Services
Cisco Systems, Inc.

Jeffrey-Franke.gif Jeffrey Franke
Chief of Staff to the General Counsel and Senior Director of Global Legal Operations
Yahoo, Inc.

George-Milionis.gif George K. Milionis
General Counsel
Petersen-Dean, Inc.


Richard Caruso Richard Caruso
Vice President, Legal Media

10:30 – 11:00 a.m.
Networking and Refreshment Break in the Exhibit Hall
11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Concurrent Breakout Sessions

Breakout session key


Conference breakout sessions are aligned with the LMA Body of Knowledge domains.


BREAKOUT ONE  Advance.gif


Sales. While some firms still hesitate before actually using the word, most agree that focusing on driving revenue through an effective sales process is critical. As legal marketers and business development professionals, we are selling every day, both internally and externally. Join top sales and business development professionals from different- sized firms to discuss proven strategies for growing top-line revenue, galvanizing lawyer support and measuring success. You’ll learn — whether mega-firm or boutique, firm size doesn’t matter when it comes to successful selling.

Topics include:

  • Tips on how sales and marketing teams can work together to keep your firm top of mind in the marketplace
  • How to make your personal and professional network your most valuable asset
  • Why client advocacy and measuring client satisfaction are vital to revenue generation
  • The importance of connecting and the art of the value added introduction

Sheila_Ardalan.png Sheila L. Ardalan
Chief Client Officer
Summit LA, a Professional Law Corporation

Jon_Mattson.png Jonathan Mattson
Director of Business Development

David_Burkhardt.png David C. Burkhardt
Client Service Director
Wyrick Robbins Yates & Ponton LLP

Catherine_Zinn.png Catherine Zinn
Chief Client Officer

BREAKOUT TWO  Advance.gif


What if you could accurately predict what clients truly value and will pay for? Harnessing your firm’s “big data” can tell a compelling and actionable story. Learn how DLA Piper LLP’s marketing team uses a predictive analytics (PA) model to harness data, create market insights and drive client growth and retention.

Topics include:

  • What “big data” is in the law firm context
  • How to define a problem and then compile “big data” to develop a PA model
  • How to implement a PA model to drive marketing and business development
  • Building consensus and gaining leadership buy-in

Dave_Kuhlman.png Dave C. Kuhlman
Axiom Consulting Partners

Kimberly_Rennick.png Kimberly Rennick
Director of Sector Marketing (Americas)

Mark_Masson.png Mark J. Masson
Axiom Consulting Partners

Barbara_Taylor.png Barbara Taylor
Chief Marketing Officer

Heather_Reid.png Heather A. Reid
Director of Practice Group Marketing

BREAKOUT THREE  Essential.gif


Call me. Send an email. Mail a hard copy. Let’s meet face-to-face. No, FaceTime will do.Generational differences in the workplace are on the rise. In this session, you’ll learn how multiple generations receive and deliver information through verbal and non-verbal communications. The panel — consisting of a Baby Boomer, Gen Xer and Millennial — will present real-life scenarios on how to effectively overcome generational differences while serving and supporting client teams, preparing for client visits, and collaborating on RFPs to better serve the firm.

Topics include:

  • How to identify and raise awareness of generational differences
  • How to improve communication and active listening skills between generations
  • Best practices for accommodating the needs and values of different generations
  • How to find the balance between building on traditional practices and supporting flexibility and creativity
  • How to work more effectively in teams by addressing generational differences

Nicole_Abboud.png Nicole Abboud
Millennial Speaker & Consultant, Attorney, Podcaster
Abboud Media

Iris_Jones.png Iris Jones
Chief Business Development & Marketing Officer
McNees Wallace & Nurick LLC

Danyel_Patrick.png Danyel Patrick
Business Development Coordinator
McNees Wallace & Nurick LLC

BREAKOUT FOUR  Advance.gif


Companies of all sizes are now shifting their focus to the customer experience (CX) to retain clients and impact the bottom line. Through this moderated panel, you’ll examine what these companies are doing and how law firm marketers can implement similar programs while gaining different industry perspectives.

Topics include:

  • How companies are building CX strategies and what they look like
  • What the legal profession can learn from their experiences
  • Implementing your own CX programs
  • Tools to aid in the implementation and transformation

Lynn_Skoczelas.png Lynn Skoczelas
Chief Experience Officer
Sharp HealthCareP

Maggie_Watkins.png Maggie T. Watkins
Chief Marketing Officer
Sedgwick LLP

Lilian-Tomovich.png Lilian Tomovich
Chief Experience Officer
MGM Resorts International

Susan_Letterman_White.png Susan Letterman White
Founder and Managing Partner
Letterman White Consulting

BREAKOUT FIVE  Essential.gif


Learning Lab invites participants to explore topics in high energy, “bite-size” segments. The Lab will encourage networking and idea-sharing, providing a forum for cutting-edge material to supplement our standard programming.

These 15-minute presentations by our sponsors showcase a variety of marketing tips and best practices.

The importance of being able to track inbound calls, just like online clicks

Meghan_Hodge.png Meghan Hodge
Account Manager
Call TrackingMetrics

Learn how global law firms are automating pitches and RFPs through Microsoft

David_Mead.png David Mead
VP of Business Development, North America
Qorus Software

Top 5 questions you didn’t know you can ask

Elizabeth_Petit.png Elizabeth Petit
Director of Research & Development and Managing Editor
Best Lawyers

12:00 – 1:00 p.m.
Networking Lunch
During lunch, tables will be reserved for each of LMA’s Shared Interest Groups (SIGs). Take advantage of the opportunity to network with your SIG colleagues, or, if you aren’t a member of a SIG yet and would like to be, join a table to learn more. For information on LMA’s SIGs, visit www.legalmarketing/org/SIGs.
1:00 – 1:30 p.m.
Networking for Prizes Drawing in the Exhibit Hall
1:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.
Concurrent Breakout Sessions

BREAKOUT ONE  Advance.gif


A growing number of law firms are expanding their international footprint, whether via mergers, alliances, cooperation agreements or opening new offices. Join this panel discussion to explore various aspects of legal marketing outside the United States. Gain insights, anecdotes and survey-based information from international legal marketers hailing from the United Kingdom, continental Europe, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific. You’ll deepen your understanding of the knowledge, skills, tools and resources necessary to market your services around the world and expand into new international markets.

Topics include:

  • Legal marketing outside the United States — what’s hot, what’s the same, what’s not?
  • How law firms around the world are using social media and legal tech
  • What legal marketers must be aware of when entering new geographic markets
  • Adapting your marketing approach to local customs and practices that shape relationships between clients and their counsel
  • Challenges you’ll face when managing and working with legal marketing colleagues across the globe

Paul_Jaffa.png Paul Jaffa
Founder and Managing Director
Myddleton Communications

Idan_Nishlis.png Idan Nishlis
Nishlis Legal Marketing

Lara_Quie.png Lara Quie
Head of Business Development, Asia Pacific
Duane Morris & Selvam LLP

Jill_Warren.png Jill Warren
Director of Business Development and Marketing
Bird & Bird LLP


Timothy-Delaney.gif Timothy J. H. Delaney
Chief Marketing Officer
Association of Corporate Counsel

BREAKOUT ONE  Advance.gif


In this session, you’ll learn how to influence marketing budget allocations to teams and attorneys and tightly manage the expense process. The result: You’ll have greater impact on business development, more strategic influence on attorneys and firm leadership, and get the funds to implement new initiatives. You’ll learn from a case study of how Arnall Golden Gregory, after researching best practices, implemented a distinct and firm-wide budget and expense process over three years, to drive a more effective marketing and business development team and culture.

Topics include:

  • The fair allocation of budgets to attorneys, teams and central marketing
  • Using budget submissions as an effective form of attorney business plans
  • Shifting more funds from individual activities to team-based activities
  • How to hold attorneys and practice leaders accountable for their spend
  • Empowering marketing and practice leaders/managers to respond to unbudgeted opportunities

jonathan Jonathan Eady
Managing Partner
Arnall Golden Gregory LLP

Clinton_Gary.png Clinton Gary
Chief Marketing Officer
Arnall Golden Gregory LLP

BREAKOUT TWO   Advance.gif


So you love your job in legal marketing. But where do you see yourself in five years? Leading a mid-size firm’s efforts? A large firm’s? Maybe doing external coaching or consulting? Three veteran law firm marketers will share their experiences doing just those things. Plus, they’ll pass along some key elements that will help you succeed and select the career path that is “just right.”

Topics include:

  • Understanding what life would be like in each role
  • Specific goals, degrees or business plans you must make or achieve before landing/succeeding in that role
  • Honest feedback and frank discussion about what will work and what will not

Jim_Jarrell.png Jim Jarrell
Director of Marketing & Practice Development
Stark & Stark - Attorneys At Law

Trish_Lilley.png Trish Lilley
Chief Marketing Officer
Fox Rothchild

Jamie_Mulholland.png Jamie Mulholland
Jamie Mulholland Marketing


The legal marketer works in an environment that is based on precedent, is risk averse, and thrives on an ability to identify the downside of any situation. Into this arena we march, wide-eyed, optimistic and speaking of opportunity. In this session, examine how your success, never mind professional survival, depends on becoming an effective agent of change. How do you instigate and inspire a proactive approach to the market without burning bridges and losing your job? Explore what it takes to embed a shift — from reactive to proactive — in your marketing and business development.

Topics include:

  • Why it seems lawyers and marketers are from different planets and how to bridge the gap
  • The keys to instigating conversations that seed change (as opposed to agitating or aggravating)
  • Three things law firm leaders wish marketing leaders would do
  • A three-point plan to help marketers connect with lawyers

Eric_Fletcher.png Eric Fletcher
Chief Business Development & Marketing Officer
Liskow & Lewis



The typical legal marketing department brings together a wide range of professionals, from J.D.s to designers, event planners to web masters…and MBAs. What can MBAs bring to the business development table to enhance your department and help it flourish? Join business leaders as they guide you through the business insight and acumen that seasoned professionals with cross-industry experience can bring. Gain pragmatic lessons learned from business school and explore how they apply to business development professionals. The speakers will give TED Talks on strategy, marketing tools and metrics to enable you to help your firm and lawyers achieve desired results.

Topics include:

  • How to see the big picture and drive long-term success
  • Thinking like a consultant
  • Understanding business structure analysis
  • Using strategy and marketing frameworks and tools
  • How to establish process-driven efficiency, measure the success of your efforts and analyze the results

April_Gallagher.png April Gallagher
Global Head Strategic Marketing

Helena_Lawrence.png Helena Lawrence
Senior Marketing & Business Development Manager

Matt_Olsen.png Matthew Olsen
Head of Business Development, Litigation
Hunton & Williams

Ellen-Musante.gif Ellen Musante
Chief Marketing Officer
Stroock & Stroock & Lavan LLP

BREAKOUT THREE  Essential.gif


Law firms are under pressure to innovate and find new revenue streams. Clients are demanding more for less and law firms are being forced to listen. What is your client digital journey? How do you create amazing client experiences to help win new business and build stronger business relationships? This session will highlight key areas of client engagement: content marketing, content hubs, digital pitch strategies, client portals and key account management. You’ll identify clear and identifiable actions to improve your success illustrated by real-life examples.

Topics include:

  • How to use your CMS for multiple use cases
  • The client journey, from discovery to key account
  • Personalizing the client experience
  • The importance of digital harmonization

Ben-Wightwick.gif Ben Wightwick
Product Director

BREAKOUT FOUR  Essential.gif



It can be scary…the notion of integrating a single lateral, a group of laterals, or even scarier….a large firm merger. Two marketers, experienced with lateral integration from solos to groups, will share their knowledge, tips, and experiences in the integration process. Walk through all of the process of welcoming laterals beginning with the interview process, and up through successful integration within the firm. Takeaways include checklists and planning documents.

Items covered include:

  • Strategies for communication — inside and outside the firm
  • Checklists to stay on target
  • Questions to ask throughout the process
  • Long term follow up beyond the initial orientation period

Kathleen-Flynn.gif Kathleen Flynn
Chief Marketing Officer
Bryan Cave LLP

Cecilia-Linton.png Cecilia R. Linton
Senior Marketing Manager
Dykema Cox Smith

BREAKOUT FOUR  Essential.gif


Law firms of all sizes can benefit from marketing automation technology. Through automation, marketing activities of all types — from managing a content calendar to building an experience database to executing a client feedback program — can become more efficient. In this session, you’ll learn how this newly acquired efficiency can help your firm reduce costs, increase scale of operations, minimize downtime and improve response rate and follow-up. You’ll take a deep-dive into marketing automation including the principles and process, the technology providers available, and the potential use cases for automation. Specific case studies and examples will be offered throughout the session.

Topics include:

  • The principles of marketing automation
  • The potential use of applications for implementing marketing automation in your operation
  • How to build a formal process for identifying elements that can be automated
  • Understanding the process of designing and implementing a full-loop marketing automation program

Clayton_Dodds.png Clayton Dodds
Director of Marketing
Law Offices of Peter N. Brewer

BREAKOUT FIVE  Advance.gif


Join our speakers for this practical, hands-on session that will cut through buzzwords and unnecessary complexity to help attendees understand and flourish in the business of selling, pricing, and purchasing law firm services. Today’s law firm management requires a much more holistic approach to revenue and profit than ever before and the law firms that successfully adapt to this change will earn a competitive advantage in the market. Our speakers will offer a comprehensive and fun view of the entire pricing ecosystem.

This session will feature collaborative group exercises exploring:

  • Why, how, and for what corporations hire outside counsel
  • How and what it means to price services, with and without a dedicated pricing team
  • What profitability means, when it’s important and when it’s not
  • How law firms and corporations think about (and measure) performance
  • The future of pricing in law firms and corporations

Eric_Meltzer.png Eric S. Meltzer
Director of Strategy & Pricing
Lane Powell PC

Matt-Wahlquist.png Matt Wahlquist
Legal Operations Manager, Law Firm Relations

3:45 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Concurrent Breakout Sessions

BREAKOUT ONE  Advance.gif


With corporate legal departments bringing more work in house and radically downscaling their outside law firm panels, effective customer relationship management (CRM) activities have taken on increasing importance in the struggle for firms to remain profitably competitive. According to a recent survey, 90 percent of firms plan to make new investments in CRM technology. Unfortunately, simply implementing technology alone won’t allow law firms to leverage the strategic and financial benefits of CRM. Without sufficient user adoption across their organizations, their initiatives are doomed to fail. We surveyed a diverse group of CRM users and will share eye-opening insights into adoption dynamics.

Session key takeaways:

  • Key factors you need to consider when formulating your own change management strategy
  • How to unlock the power of change management to increase CRM user adoption
  • How to deliver customer experiences that set your firm apart

Dave_Jacobs.png Dr. David W. Jacobs
Client Advisor, InterAction

BREAKOUT TWO  Advance.gif


Marketing and business development departments are continually stretched to perform at a higher level with less resources. If you are new to a leadership role or you need to overhaul your department or update how you deliver services to your attorneys, this case study will help. You’ll gain the tools to transform the perception of your department, empower your team, and increase collaboration with other team leaders. Equipped with these programs and processes, you’ll be able to cost-effectively drive change and provide outstanding service.

Topics include:

  • Creating rigor around current and future state discussions and managing the expectations of decision makers
  • A roadmap for engaging key attorneys
  • How to better collaborate with functional teams, including accounting, HR, IT and knowledge services
  • Empowering your team, including small groups and junior members, to take ownership of marketing and business functions and giving them the tools and support to shine

Liz_Gooch.png Elizabeth S. Gooch
Director of Business Development
Arent Fox LLP



To be considered a true thought leader, a lawyer must be recognized by clients and peers as an authority in their field. Writing articles and speaking at conferences are a start. But, to truly attain the status of an authority, lawyers must develop and maintain a thought leadership platform. In this session, you’ll gain guidance and ideas to help you create and sustain a thought leadership platform.

Topics include:

  • What is a thought leadership platform?
  • The importance of original and curated content in developing a thought leader position
  • How you can strategically build your networks
  • The role of social media in building a thought leadership platform
  • How to identify influencers and “steal” their audience

Guy-Alvarez.png Guy Alvarez
Chief Engagement Officer

Robert-Paul-Sagner.gif Robert-Paul Sagner
Senior Manager, Business Development
Allen & Overy LLP

BREAKOUT FOUR  Essential.gif


This session will help colleagues in media relations and business development realize the benefit of partnering to achieve a common goal — helping their law firm bring in new business. Too often, public relations is seen as a community affairs function of a law firm’s business. Here you’ll learn how, through effective collaboration with a firm’s business development team, media managers can significantly impact influencing decision makers to hire your firm as outside counsel.

Topics include:

  • Concrete examples of how business development can rely on public relations to achieve traditional media outcomes
  • Thought leadership and third party endorsements to drive your firm’s larger business development strategy
  • Quantifiable measures and case studies that demonstrate the value of strategic media relations efforts

Chris_Carter.png Chris Carter
Chief Marketing Officer
Frost Brown Todd LLC

Burton_Taylor.png Burton Taylor
Marketer, Principal
Proventus Consulting

Micah-Uram.gif Micah Uram
Director of Marketing and Business Development
Renaud Cook Drury Mesaros, PA

4:30 – 5:00 p.m.
Conference Wrap-Up

Concluding the 2017 LMA Annual Conference will be an interactive program that reviews the key themes and takeaways identified during this year’s educational sessions. Hosted by LMA’s 2017 president and conference co-chairs, this is an opportunity to gain insight into the breakout sessions you didn’t attend and identify strategic and tactical next steps to implement some of the ideas you’ve heard when you return to the office.

PLUS – Attend for a chance to win a complimentary registration to the 2018 LMA Annual Conference. Participants of this session will be entered into a raffle for a complimentary registration to next year’s annual conference. The drawing will take place at the end of the session. You must be present to win.

5:00 p.m.
End of Conference