Conference Day One | Tuesday, April 12, 2016

7:45 a.m. Registration Opens


8:45 a.m. Conference Kick Off – Welcome and Opening Remarks

Betsi Roach
Executive Director
Legal Marketing Association
2016 LMA President
Keith N. Wewe
Vice President – Strategy and Solutions
Content Pilot LLC
Conference Co-Chairs
Peter Moyer
Director of Business Development
Faegre Baker Daniels LLP
Gillian Ward
Chief Marketing Officer
Baker Botts LLP

Keynote Presentation

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9:00 – 10:00 a.m. Engagement, Empowerment, and Innovation; Marketing Transformation and the Opportunity for Professional Services

Today’s marketing landscape is in the midst of a radical and exciting transformation with new customer analytics tools and technologies, and social and digital innovations emerging every day. What tangible benefits can they deliver? How is success measured? These shifts in the marketing environment present unique opportunities to show and add value.

In her keynote speech, Deloitte LLP Chief Marketing Officer Diana O’Brien will posit that quality client service and experience is vital to the success of all who are engaged in professional services, and in that context will outline the challenges encountered by today’s marketers. She will delve into the topics of engagement, empowerment, innovation and transformation as they relate to developing leaders who embody the brand with every interaction.

O’Brien will share real life learnings and examples from her extensive experience at Deloitte, where her key priorities are building the firm’s reputation, developing stronger client insight and relationships, innovating marketing approaches and fostering business growth.

Diana O’Brien
Chief Marketing Officer
Deloitte LLP

Diana O’Brien is the chief marketing officer of Deloitte LLP and an advisory partner for several clients. As CMO, Diana’s focus is on building the firm’s reputation, developing stronger client insight and relationships, innovating marketing approaches and ultimately fostering the growth of Deloitte’s businesses.

Since joining Deloitte in 1985, Diana has been a champion of creating the experiences and culture that empower leaders to thrive. She was the first managing principal for Deloitte University, the managing principal for talent development, served as the DTTL global client portfolio leader responsible for Deloitte’s global clients and industries program and led Deloitte Consulting’s life sciences practice.

Outside of Deloitte, Diana supports several charities related to autism and is the chairman and founder of IMPACT Autism.





Concurrent Breakout Sessions • 10:45 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
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As competition in the market for legal services continues to increase, are lawyers finally embracing the value of business development and legal marketing? Has the needle moved at all? What challenges remain and what does the future hold?

In this session, we will reveal the results of an inaugural benchmark survey on trends in business development and legal marketing within law firms. We will address, among other findings, changes in the size, budgets and makeup of legal marketing and business development departments, the creation of new positions, levels of partner buy-in and responsiveness, and what business development issues aspects legal marketers say are the most pressing concerns they face today.

We will explore the implications for the future, including the increasing role of technology and the importance of integrating business development fully into the daily workflow for attorneys.

Nancy Furman Paul
Commercial Product Manager
Bloomberg Law Business Solutions
Bloomberg BNA


Lawyers think like lawyers. Getting inside that mindset can provide a unique set of challenges that make any sort of change difficult to impossible. With savvier corporate clients, a new breed of competitors in the industry and shifting law firm dynamics, managing through change has become a critical part of a firm’s ability to succeed in today’s market. How law firms go about responding to these changes and implement new strategies to address the current market remains a difficult question to answer. Change is hard, but figuring out how to get your attorneys to come along with you is harder. Many change management discussions fail to get off the ground because there is no common starting point for the discussion. In this session, we will focus on managing change through the lens of business development and pricing strategy and how to translate that into your attorneys’ language.

Bill Josten
Senior Legal Industry Analyst
- Client Development and Thought Leadership
Thomson Reuters

How can you help your marketing and business development teams be strategic advisors rather than “party planners”? What kind of skills, metrics and support do they need to be armed for success? This session will show you how to get more respect and more than just a seat at the table for the entire marketing/BD function. Hear what the firms who are “getting it right” are doing to grow their bottom line:

  • Develop a business development mindset across the firm, build top-down support, put the right processes in place to corral your attorneys and then support them
  • Get attorneys to focus on business development and relationship building instead of only billable hours
  • Apply real data to track, manage and measure your prospect and client relationships
  • Handle pricing and the endless discount requests from clients
  • Design and launch the optimal business development training/coaching methodology
  • Know when to hire vs. grooming your existing team, which skill sets are innate and which skill sets can be cultivated

This session will provide perspectives from a major business development technology provider, a leading business development consultant and a successful law firm marketer, along with opportunities to share your own experiences.

Mo Bunnell
Founder and President
Bunnell Idea Group
Katherine D’Urso
Chief Client Development Officer
Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr LLP
Matt Thompson
Vice President of Product Marketing
Foundation Software Group


This session will guide professionals from law firm marketing and business development teams in building effective business development programs that (a) more meaningfully engage lawyers in the business development process and (b) keep lawyers committed to participating in business development activities. The presenters draw on their 30+ years of experience in-house and in private practice to offer specific guidance and real world examples of how business development programs can be designed to better engage lawyers in the client acquisition process.

At the end of this session, participants will leave with practical guidance and best practices for:

  • Identifying strategies to involve successful partners, in-house counsel and other clients who the lawyers view as being authorities or influencers of business development activities
  • Implementing strategies that identify the strengths of the individual lawyers, the business development activities at which the lawyers will be most effective and tailoring business development programs and initiatives that best suit each lawyer
  • Implementing approaches to involve lawyers in designing business development plans, programs and initiatives
  • Developing programs that lawyers find more engaging and implementing strategies that keep lawyers actively engaged in the business development process
  • Engaging lawyers in the use and analysis of big data to support business development initiatives
Rod Boddie
The Wickford Group
Geoffrey Frost
Director of Client Bondurant Mixson & Elmore LLP
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Is your law firm brand remarkable?

Remarkable marketing and branding starts with a unique identity that organically grows out of your company culture. It is then shared with stakeholders through the delivery of information worth noticing and the creation of experiences worth remembering. After all, in a crowded marketplace, not standing out is the same as being invisible. If your audiences fail to remember you, you have failed.

When it comes to law firm branding, there is a need for marketers and lawyers to move away from tradition. For too long, law firm brand strategy was used as shorthand to describe ad hoc exercises in logo development. In truth, a brand is the entirety of a law firm identity, from its values to its voice and look to the client experience.

Join us as we redefine law firm branding and explore what contemporary law firm brand identities can look like.

This session incorporates examples of innovative brand identities from within and outside of the legal industry and will include conversations with two law firm CMOs about how they see law firm brands evolving to more effectively captivate target audiences.

Takeaways will include:

  • Developing the bedrock of your brand by evaluating your law firm’s culture and values
  • Effectively conveying your brand through visuals and voice
  • Strategizing and creating content and experiences that reflect your brand
Kate A. Patterson
Marketing Communications Specialist
Freeborn & Peters, LLP
Mark Smalls
Vice President and
Chief Marketing Officer
Terry M. Isner
President, Marketing and Business Development


Ever feel a little overwhelmed by the wide variety of marketing tactics available these days? Feel like your firm has some great content but not a comprehensive plan to optimize it? Think your firm’s image — and your marketing technology — could be more cohesive? Learn how to amp up your law firm’s brand with targeted content combined with the latest technology, such as

  • Social bios and mobile apps
  • CRM and ERM
  • Relationship mapping
  • Online relationship building and more

Michelle will lead an interactive discussion based on her recent experience as a digital marketing manager at a large law firm. Specifically, she implemented an award-winning digital marketing strategy with a wide range of technologies incorporating CRM, broadcast email, website, blogs, pitch and proposal system, dashboard and analytics, and social media. Weigh in on your own efforts and hear what your peers are doing.

And, marketing isn’t just for the marketing team anymore! The group will look at how to get the rest of the firm involved, convince attorneys to opt in to social media, recognize value from their content contributions and help grow the firm’s overall brand.

Michelle Woodyear
Client Advisor
Melissa Croteau
Former Chief Marketing Officer
Nixon Peabody LLP



As stewards of marketing and business development resources, legal marketers can build trust and rapport within their firms and obtain buy-in for key initiatives by managing expectations and measuring results.

Join Jonathan Fitzgarrald of Equinox Strategy Partners as he provides real-life examples and best practices surrounding:

  • Key metrics for justifying your existence at your firm
  • Formats and frequency for reporting results
  • Determining which attorneys should see what metrics
  • How to better leverage peer (e.g., finance) relationships
  • Available technologies for tracking and reporting metrics
Jonathan Fitzgarrald
Managing Partner
Equinox Strategy Partners


Analyzing the success of your firm’s marketing and business development strategies requires identifying a thoughtful set of key factors and ways to measure their impact on additional business. This program will provide practical tips for measuring the key metrics in areas such as:

  • Revenue and profitability growth
  • Client satisfaction
  • Pitches and proposals
  • Website statistics
  • Email campaigns
  • Blogs and social media impressions
  • Events

Join Marci Taylor of Mantra Partner as she leads a discussion surrounding leading indicators that marketing professionals and law firms can use to track and measure a firm’s return on investment for its marketing expenditures.

Marci Krufka Taylor
Mantra Partner, LLC


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NEW FOR 2016 - Deep Dive


Join our speakers for an in-depth, hands-on session that will address both the theoretical and the practical, as we explore the law firm economic and profit model. Attendees will be provided with an overview of law firm financials and various methods of assessing firm and client-profitability. They will be sensitized to key drivers of profitability (KPIs) and why they are important to managing a portfolio of clients. Ramifications for value-based pricing versus cost-basis pricing approaches will be addressed. For those participants with either limited resources or no internal resources designated for pricing activity, strategies will be suggested that can be helpful in assessing profitability in the absence of well-established internal measures. Finally, concepts for portfolio management such as relative profitability, performance to plan and ROI for marketing activity will be introduced.

Group exercises will include:

  • Building a matter staff plan
  • Evaluating the proposed profitability of a matter using different price points and AFA terms
  • Calculating realization and margin
  • Analyzing productivity data to quantify opportunity costs
  • Post-mortem analysis and ROI examples
Kristina Lambright
Director of Strategic Pricing
Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP
John Strange
Director of Pricing and
Project Management
Baker Botts LLP


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During lunch, tables will be reserved for each of LMA’s special interest groups (SIGs). Take advantage of the opportunity to network with your SIG colleagues, or if you aren’t a member of a SIG yet and would like to be, join a table to learn more. For more information on LMA’S SIGs, visit www.legalmarketing.org/SIGs.

Concurrent Breakout Sessions • 1:45 – 3:00 p.m.
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In this mature and undifferentiated marketplace, it is more important than ever for legal marketers to partner with their attorneys in the creation of business development strategies to help drive revenue, become partner and retain their equity status. In so doing legal marketers contribute meaningfully to the profitable growth of the firm over the long-term. During this interactive and lively workshop, co-led by a dynamic team of proven thought leaders, you will gain insights and have the opportunity to practice proven strategies that will help you:

  • Position yourselves as strategic thought partners so that you always have a seat at the table
  • Deliver innovative approaches to time-tested strategies that will be respected and effectively executed
  • More productively navigate and overcome resistance and handle pushback from your attorneys to increase your collaborative business development success
  • More meaningfully inspire your attorneys out of inertia and toward the momentum needed to build actionable, goal-oriented plans
  • Help your attorneys build more accretive relationships with one another, referral sources and clients (both at the individual and institutional level) through truly client-centric communication and strategies
Chris Kirby
PCT Solutions, Inc.
Jodi Kovitz
Director, Client and Business Development
Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP



Law firms continue to live in the “new normal” as clients demand value, transparency and innovation for their fee arrangements. Adjusting to new pricing structures can be difficult for many firms. What really works? What do clients want? What are best practices and tips for proposing a variety of arrangements?

Join this interactive session as our panel of pricing and marketing professionals engages the audience with particular scenarios and discusses how to develop pricing strategies that meet clients’ objectives. Also joining the panel will be an inhouse counsel to discuss what clients want and how to meet those needs through effective communication and pricing strategies.

Key takeaways will include:

  • Internal law firm structures for successfully handling pricing arrangements
  • Top client value drivers and how they impact pricing
  • Alternative fee arrangements that work in various scenarios
  • Key pricing pitfalls to avoid
  • Strategies for getting engaged in pricing
Jim McGrew
Chief Marketing Officer
Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, P.C.
Eric Noren
Senior Financial Analyst
Alston & Bird LLP
Courtney Smith
Director of Employment Law
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.
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Whether it’s a leak of firm financials, cyberattack, failed merger talks or natural disaster, no law firm is immune to crisis. Learning how to prepare for and manage a crisis when it strikes is essential. This session will address the three main types of crises and best practices for mitigating your firm’s risk and protecting its reputation.This will be a hands-on workshop where attendees will be split into small groups and given real-life crisis situations to manage. The groups will be asked to identify the key issues and develop a communications strategy and messaging for different key audiences. The session’s leaders will work with the groups to map out their crisis plans and then bring everyone together to discuss the scenarios and solutions that were developed. This interactive session will teach attendees the key elements of a crisis plan and give them practice working through a crisis before it becomes a reality.

Cari Brunelle
David Schaefer
Director of Public Relations
Covington & Burling LLP

NEW FOR 2016 - TED Talks

Based on the popular TED conferences, each presenter will have 15 minutes to deliver his or her presentation, with time reserved at the end for audience questions.


This interactive session will be a TED Talk about how to give TED Talk. Learn thesecrets of the world’s best TED Talks that create, inspire and evoke such interest they become provocative and memorable experiences. These talks might be the beginning of the end of PowerPoint. Using the art of storytelling and surprise, TED Talks capture an audience and take them to new places. Attendees will discover how to take content and turn it into unforgettable and intriguing knowledge. With TED Talks, it’s not what you say but how you say it.

After this 15-minute TED Talk, a partner from an AmLaw 100 firm will give a practice area focused TED Talk demonstrating how attorneys can use this type of creative presentation to give substantive talks to become the most memorable person in the room.

Merry Neitlich
Extreme Marketing

This presentation will be an example of how marketing professionals can assist the partners in their firms to create a practice-area-focused TED Talk for clients, conferences, speeches, presentations and the like.

Tamara Devitt
Haynes & Boone, LLP

The success of today’s marketing organizations is largely driven by their adoption of digital technologies to transform the business. Legal marketing professionals need to ensure marketing is enabled with the right tools and processes to further engage with clients in an increasingly connected world.

This digital transformation will only accelerate, with several trends driving this forward. What are these trends and what effect will they have on law firm marketing?

This presentation will explore these trends and provide examples of how they have already begun to transform the way business is being conducted by many of your current clients. The presentation will also focus on how these trends may affect law firms and impact the way in which they will deliver services in the future.

Guy Alvarez
Chief Engagement Officer

The human brain processes information based on the work of more than 90 million neurons, and it’s these neurons that drive your prospective clients to do what they do. By attempting to market your law firm’s services without a deep understanding of human psychology, your marketing could actually be hurting your firm instead of helping it. According to Nielsen, 90% of buying decisions are made with the subconscious mind. Furthermore, neuroscience studies have proven that human decisions are emotionally driven. The factors that influence your prospective clients’ thinking — visual input, colors, emotion, social validation, repetition, neural filtering, etc. — are diverse, yet with the right approach are easy to execute effectively in your marketing. If you want stellar marketing results, your marketing should focus on delivering the most powerful impact to the subconscious mind.

In this session, learn the fundamentals of powerful marketing that move people to action. Understand the underlying reasons why certain marketing works and other marketing falls flat. Uncover actual neuromarketing techniques to appeal to the subconscious mind, attract more attention, drive more website visitors, propel higher volumes of inbound phone calls, create more memorable marketing and achieve increased conversions.

Tom Shapiro
Stratabeat, Inc.
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“The fun is in the game; the learning takes place in the debrief.”

While some attorneys have a natural drive to consistently engage in necessary business development activities, most need instruction, support and motivation in this area of their business.

One effective way to train and motivate your lawyers in business development is through the use of custom-designed games. The use of games takes advantage of attorneys’ inherently competitive nature, the desire not to be left out of activities and being motivated by prizes and/or recognition. Certain types of games can also be an effective way to remove some excuses, or even anxieties, that prevent attorneys from engaging in certain business development activities.

In this highly interactive session, participant/players will explore how to augment and encourage business development activities by designing and playing games suited to each firm’s business development goals, practice structure and culture. Specifically, the group will:

  • Review the psychology and social science research that emphasizes the value of interactive games in teaching and reinforcing interpersonal and judgment skills
  • Review the critical components of all games to be successful in encouraging participation
  • Design and play games using five different game templates — including motivational, simulation and case-based games
  • Discuss effective communication and facilitation of gamification programs, including the fundamental steps of the debriefing process once a game has completed

Takeaways include five game templates, a list of sample debrief questions and a learning grid designed to match the correct template with different learning situations or business development activities.

Kevin McMurdo
McMurdo Consulting


Concurrent Breakout Sessions • 3:45 – 5:30 p.m.
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Today’s law firm senior management is focused both on the big picture and
the details. Leaders are targeting the macro strategy of expanding the revenue portfolio and also the micro strategy of extracting profitability from existing clients. In this current legal industry environment, firms face twin challenges of ensuring sustainable growth over the long term while continuing to create additional profits in the short term. Understanding the underlying frameworks and helping realize these dual directives is critical for the modern law firm marketing and business development professional.

In this session, we will discuss these concepts and the role that marketing can play:

  • Macro strategies of revenue-enhancing mechanisms along the risk-return continuum
  • Pros, cons and financial impacts of selected strategies
  • Maximizing returns while minimizing risk over the long term
  • Micro strategies of creating additional profits from the current revenue portfolio
  • Levers of profitability, such as expectations setting, pricing, matter
    management, client disbursements and inventory control
  • Maximizing profitability through effective management of profitability levers
Madhav Srinivasan
Chief Financial Officer
Hunton & Willliams LLP

Rising Stars. They are the key to your firm’s future.

How do you develop and keep them?

A Harvard Business Review study recently reported that only 15% of firms in North America believe they have enough qualified successors for key positions, such as business development leadership.

Competition for talent is fierce, and it is increasingly difficult for firms to develop and retain their high-potentials. As senior partners retire in big numbers, developing future leaders is more critical than ever.

During this session, Rick Davis will offer insights from years of experience working with professional services firms to develop their rising stars into the growth leaders of tomorrow.

Problem: High-potentials aren’t being developed to grow business in the modern marketplace.

  • They are not being mentored and developed sufficiently by experienced partners
  • The business climate and what it takes to sell professional services have become more challenging

What doesn’t work is clear.

  • Doing nothing — expecting them to use innate skills and instincts to learn by experience
  • Leaving it up to experienced partners — skills aren’t passed on and may be outdated
  • The train-and-go approach often fails to gain traction or promote a growth culture

What does work is straightforward.

  • Integrating learning, real-world experiences and coaching builds personal ownership and accountability
  • Treating high-potentials like high-potentials ignites their passion and confidence

Solution: With integrated development, high-potentials:

  • Will generate more revenue
  • Are less likely to leave the firm
  • Are promoted to partner sooner
Rick Davis
Athens Partners, Inc.

Video isn’t just for Hollywood anymore. Let’s take a look at innovative and successful ways to incorporate video into law firm websites. Serving up what your user wants — and not what you want — is critical. Our panelists will talk strategy including what has worked and what hasn’t. You will walk away wanting to incorporate video into your website or wanting to change how you’re approaching this content medium which will become main stream for law firms in the next three years.


Jennifer Castleberry
Director of Marketing 
Lane Powell PC 

Bill White
Chief Executive Officer
and Founder
ReelLawyers, LLC
Stephen DiGennaro
Manager, Marketing Technology
Sutherland Asbill & Brennan LLP

The search for rainmakers is not new. Yet, in today’s fast-paced, high-tech world, this pursuit for lawyers who are not only great practitioners but also can bring in the business has reached nearly quest-like heights.

The Chally Group, a GrowthPlay Company and a thought leader of the Hunter and Farmer paradigm for sales, has 40 years of experience helping organizations utilize talent analytics to identify the core skills that predict business generation in a particular organization; which people have the greatest potential to generate business; and how to best develop the skills of individual rainmakers.

This session will teach you how to utilize talent analytics in order to create a more strategic, data-driven and objective approach to business development.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the difference between predictive analytics and personality assessments and the role each plays in supporting your firm’s business development efforts
  • Identify how predictive analytics can accelerate outcomes related to individual business development performance to enhance an individual attorney’s planning, coaching, training and performance outcomes
  • Know how predictive analytics can help at the firm or team level in identifying which individuals can most quickly generate business outcomes and how to best position individual roles in group or team pursuits
  • Anticipate a lateral hire’s ability to contribute to business generation in order to improve onboarding and integration efforts to realize greater business generating opportunities in a lateral’s first year
Bruce Sevy
Managing Director and Talent Analytics Center of Expertise Leader
Chally, a GrowthPlay Company
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In many businesses, marketing is the driving force behind strategy, innovation, pricing and structure — but not always in legal.

If CMOs could build the law firm of the future, what would it look like?

Taking time to reflect on the future of legal business, we will examine the opportunities and challenges firms will face. How will firms and the business world change over the next five years? We will ask our panel of experts to give insight into:

  • What services would you offer and why?
  • How would you price?
  • What role would marketing play ?
  • What role would attorneys play?
  • What could be done differently to ensure clients' needs are met?
  • What role would technology play?
  • What would the new firm look like?

David Brady
Chief Executive Officer

Justin L. Portaz
Director of Global Client and
Business Development
Jenner & Block LLP
Kim Perret
Chief Marketing Officer
Jones Walker
Wendy Taylor
Chief Marketing Officer
Reed Smith

An exploration of two topics that are of growing importance for legal marketers and business development practitioners: email reputation and engagement.

Together we will look at what email reputation is, how and why it is important to marketers and business development teams and how it can be managed.

From this starting point, the conversation will expand into the emerging topic
of engagement metrics, looking at current trends, competing concepts and what they mean to us as legal marketers.

The outcome is to provide you with a framework to understand your firm’s email reputation, its relevance to you and ways to look beyond the traditional clicks and opens for measuring your firm’s engagement level with clients.

Jeff Hemming
eMarketing Product Manager
Tikit Ltd.



There are more than 2,700 lateral partner moves in the AmLaw 200 each year — roughly 50 partner moves a week. Despite this group’s first-year investment of more than $700 million dollars a year, many of these moves do not work out. What can and should be done to improve the rate of success? Hint: Involve the marketing professionals earlier in the process!

Based on findings of the American Lawyer Media/Group Dewey Consulting’s 2015 Lateral Hiring Performance Survey, this presentation will review the key obstacles to successful partner moves, recommendations for improving the lateral partner recruitment and integration processes and the heightened role that law firm marketing professionals can and should play to improve the return on firm investments. In addition, participants will examine best practices for candidate due diligence, innovative techniques for assessing a prospective lateral’s book of business, effective ways to expedite integration and marketing plans and new ways to identify the best cross marketing prospects for the new lateral partner.

Eric Dewey
Group Dewey Consulting

This is a coaching the coaches session for marketing professionals who want to encourage lawyers — formally or informally — to start or maintain blogs.

Lawyers have a strong tradition of CLEs, books and a general interest in legal writing for clients, yet they may not view blogging as a teachable skill. Expanded writing training on legal blogging will position lawyers to contribute more frequently and effectively to their own blog or a firm blog. This session will provide a model that marketing professionals can customize and present to attorneys.

Examples drawn from a variety of legal blogs begin to reveal what works as well as common weaknesses lawyers may fall into while blogging. Effective legal blogging requires not only an understanding of a more engaging public voice, but also a commitment to blogging over time, ideally including some social engagement. The session will provide checklists for writing style and social engagement that make blogging efforts more efficient for the lawyer and effective at reaching the public.

Jennifer Romig
Instructor of Legal Writing, Research and Advocacy
Emory University School of Law
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NEW FOR 2016 - Deep Dive


Creating a winning proposal in response to a formal RFP can be time consuming, overwhelming and painful if not approached with the right attitude and plan of attack. Successful proposals can help drive new business and new relationships for any law firm, making proposal management skills essential for the serious legal marketing professional. In this deep dive program, attendees will learn how to approach each phase of the proposal process with a plan and a purpose. Attendees will learn the basics of proposal structure and organization, how to use competitive intelligence to create a winning strategy, how to identify obstacles before they become a problem, proven strategies for increasing attorney participation and effective ways to track metrics. The session will include an interactive discussion and a hands-on exercise to immerse attendees in all phases of proposal management, which may also be applicable to the everyday pitch. Session leaders will share the perspectives of three different key roles: a marketing intelligence senior manager,
a proposal manager and a business development manager.

Vanessa Petrea
Pursuits and Proposal Manager
Akin Gump Strauss Hauer &
Feld LLP
Josie Morgan
Manager of Business Development
Karen Vaccarello
Proposals Manager
Sidley Austin LLP
6:30 – 8:00 p.m. Rainey Street Block Party

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