Cleaning house
As in-house lawyers face mounting pressure to cut costs and deliver value, the legal counsel for a major multinational shares his experiences.

Spy vs. Spy: Law Firm CI vs. Legal Department Metrics and Intelligence
How AmLaw 200 revenue growth compares to Fortune 500 and the three major U.S. pro sports leagues. View the full article on Above the Law to see how Biglaw stacks up.

What’s it’s Like to Attend the LMA Annual Conference for the First-Time
A perspective as told by a conference ‘newbie.’

Conference Highlights from The LexBlog Network
Some of the conference takeaways included overcoming challenges of content marketing, how to prepare partners for client conversations, best practices to create natively digital brand experiences and more.

Great Recap of the 2015 LMA Annual Conference from Attorney at Work
Top takeaways from the conference.

Dan Pink’s Keynote Speech: What comes to mind when you think of “sales” & “selling”?
A few thoughts from the audience: cars, sleazy, pushy. Pink took a look into how the world of sales has changed from a marketplace of “buyer beware” to “seller beware.”

Lawyers in the Problem-Spotting Business
Themes related to the role sales plays in the lawyer-client relationship.

Showing & Telling at the 2015 LMA Annual Conference
A graphic recording artist created storyboards that captured insight shared at various sessions, sponsored by Glencoe Media Group.

10 Post-Event Tips to Get the Most Out of Conference Attendance
Tips to capitalize on the new connections you’ve just made.

What I Learned at LMA15
The new ABCs to follow to be a successful marketer.

4 Takeaways from the #LMA15 Panel of GC
The GC panel shared perspectives of senior in-house counsel on trends in law firm selection processes, outside counsel management, unbundling and sourcing work.

Winning & Retaining Business: LMA goes inside the mind of a GC
How legal services purchasing decisions are made and external resources are managed. 

ABCs of Persuasion According to Dan Pink (not Alec Baldwin)
The new ABCs of persuasion are the foundational qualities of being effective in persuading, influencing, convincing, and moving people.

Insights into the Future of the Media’s Coverage of the law: The Reporter’s Rundown
Breakthroughs in PR, Content and Communications.

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