Monday, April 13, 2015 • Concurrent Pre-Conference Programs • 8:00 a.m. – 5: 00 p.m.


QuickStart - Legal Marketing Core Competencies

Are you a marketer with less than five years of experience working inside a law firm? Would you like to refresh your knowledge of the core competencies and best practices of legal marketing knowledge? Then LMA’s popular QuickStart program is for you. QuickStart is a comprehensive and entertaining one-day program focused on the key marketing and business development issues you face on a daily basis. The speaker faculty offer no-nonsense advice that will challenge you and provide you with practical tools and skills you can apply immediately.

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Impact Marketing – for Small and Mid-Sized Law Firms

This program is built for the small to mid-sized law firm with a leanly staffed marketing team. This year, we will focus the program on impactful business development marketing activities. In other words, we’re going to discuss the business development activities that actually result in new business. You will hear best practices, case studies and war stories from successful rainmakers, GCs and some of the top small/mid-sized firm legal marketing professionals in the legal industry. In lieu of the roundtable discussions we’ve had in the past, we ask each attendee to bring at least one story about a marketing or business development initiative that resulted in a new client or matter for their firm. Our objective is that every attendee leaves with at least one new idea about how to effectively generate new business.

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CMO Summit:

Achieving Loyalty:
The secrets to making bad relationships better and good relationships great

PLEASE NOTE: Attendance is limited to qualified applicants who have sole responsibility for leading the marketing and/or business development efforts for their firm. To ensure a collegial, interactive setting the CMO Summit is limited to 40 participants. To ensure a broad experience base, only one participant per firm may register on a first come, first served basis.

When it comes right down to it, a CMO’s primary job is managing relationships. Their personal success and the success of their department is directly related to their ability to build and maintain strong and loyal relationships with their staff, with their firm’s attorneys, with their managing partners and marketing/BD committees, and with clients, vendors, and strategic allies.

Unfortunately, the daily routine of completing tasks, assigning work, and sitting through endless meetings often leaves little time to develop and master this essential skill. This one-day summit was created by LMA to help CMO’s develop and hone those critical relationship skills that too often are neglected or underutilized following a format that will be sure to challenge and improve the most seasoned CMOs as well as those new to the top.

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Breakthroughs in PR, Content and Communications

The core of legal marketing is communications, which provides marketers with powerful ways to enhance the visibility of their firms’ (and lawyers’) brands through a variety of mediums, new and old. This one-day, interactive program will explore the critical components of implementing a successful communications strategy using the latest public relations, content marketing and technology tools.

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Legal Lean Sigma® and Project Management White Belt Certification Course

Today’s legal professionals are faced with new challenges and opportunities to help their firms and departments maximize efficiencies. Whether you are a legal marketer, lawyer or service provider, you are under increasing pressure to develop and employ strategies and tactics based on the client perspective—plus reconnect costs to the value received. Legal Lean Sigma® and Project Management are not just about doing more with less. They are about doing the right things and doing them right. Do you know how much effort it takes to DO and DELIVER your work? Would you like to learn how law firms and legal departments are using process improvement to develop competitive advantages?

Process improvement helps us determine the best way to carry out a certain kind of work to achieve efficiency, excellent quality of work and service, high probability of successful outcomes and predictability. Project management ensures that, for a particular project, we are using our best processes and applying it appropriately to actively manage project to deliver high quality work, on time and under budget.

This one-day, interactive course includes experiential learning, table work and discussions. We use case studies, examples and success stories from law firms and legal departments so that you learn about Six Sigma®, Lean and project management in contexts that are immediately useful and relevant.

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Leadership in Innovation – Preparing For the Next Decade of Opportunity

Worksop Developed by:

The stakes for the future of law go far beyond what is measured by today’s industry metrics of gross revenues and profits per partner. Law2023 was a year-long innovation study that took a futurist approach to understanding the legal profession by looking 10 years into the future and imagining the technological, economic, social and demographic conditions that will be present. Law2023 partners wrestled with these futurist inputs and created seven innovation design principles that can inspire firms to be ready, relevant and revenue producing in the decade.

This pre-conference program will teach participants how to become “Innovation Architects” and make their firms the place where the most profitable clients want to buy, the most talented people want to work and the most inspired leaders want to serve. At the end of the program, participants will have developed a Personal Innovation Blueprint offering participants a new way to demonstrate go-to leadership and help their firms experience prosperity through innovation.

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