What is a personal brand?

Below is the first in a series of posts of takeaways of the sessions of the LMA Conference - 2018 in New Orleans.

Impact Marketing for Small and Mid-sized Law Firms

Presented by @ThomasChoberka - Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer - Kelley Kronenberg

4 Elements of your personal brand

  • Online Presence - includes what comes up in a Google search of your name, your social media accounts including Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook; and anything you have written. If you write, make sure publications are consistent with your brand.
  • In-Person Presence - includes your posture, those you hang around with, how you look, your style and your punctuality. Yes, you will be judged by your appearance. However, these are all things you can change.
  • Email Presence - includes your tone (strong statements should be made in person), brevity (don't ask more than one question per email), word choice and writing skills.
  • Text Presence - includes speed (99% read in the 1st minute), who you text (if you have your client on text, you are considered close), double texting (follow up emails exist but not follow up texts), the time you text (3 am like Trump?).

The above elements all impact your brand. The great news is that you can improve all of these elements!

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