Welcome Letter from Robyn Addis, 2018 LMA Philadelphia Chair

Welcome to 2018. What a year it is shaping up to be! After a momentous year of reorganization to a regional structure in 2017, our Philadelphia Local Group is poised to be stronger and more active than ever before. And you, our members, continue to be the center of our focus.
The Philadelphia Local Steering Committee has three main goals for 2018:
1.       Membership development and value
2.       Continued delivery of timely content with tangible takeaways
3.       Greater opportunity for membership involvement
To achieve these goals, we encourage you to volunteer with one of the subcommittees outlined below. If interested, please reach out to the subcommittee chair(s) directly. As a 100% volunteer-base organization, we rely on engaged members to help us maintain and expand our stellar reputation for quality programming, networking opportunities and value-added content.  
Sign up for Shared Interest Group Communications
We have added three new Shared Interest Groups (SIGs): Future Leaders, Solo Marketers/Small Firms and Chief Marketing Officers. The purpose of these groups is to deliver concentrated, tailored programming and opportunities for discussion in our local markets in these areas. Learning from and working in collaboration with our counterparts in New York and Boston, we are in the process of developing a robust SIG calendar for this year. Please sign up here to receive communications and information about upcoming social and educational SIG events. If you would like further information or are interested in volunteering, please contact one of the SIG chairs:
Our Membership Engagement Subcommittee is developing a full 2018 calendar of events and networking opportunities. With membership value as their top priority, our local subcommittee chairs, Amy Schaffer and Jacob Dietz, will be reaching out soon with tips on how to be involved with LMA and get the most out of your membership. If you are interested in joining the Membership Committee or have any questions, feel free to reach out to them. 
A call for speakers was issued in November, and the committee is in full swing organizing our monthly calendar. We aim to provide top-notch, timely programs on a consistent basis. This year, we will expand our regular monthly programs by adding pop-up events throughout the year. If you have a topic you think would be valuable to our members, please contact Kristen Held, Programming Subcommittee Chair.
Our Communications Subcommittee is at the center of everything we do for the LMANE, from our web presence, to social media, to the emails you receive. Our local subcommittee chairs, Molly O’Leary Grimm and Kate Tuohy, are always seeking volunteers to write and edit content, and to report on local events. If you would like to write an article or if you have an article that can be repurposed, please reach out to them.
Looking ahead in 2018
I am honored to serve as the 2018 Philadelphia LSC chair, and I look forward to getting to know our members. Please reach out to me with any questions or ideas for continued improvement and growth in 2018. 
Warm regards,
Robyn Addis
2018 Philadelphia LSC Chair
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