VA Member Profile: Maggie Pearson, Director of Marketing, MichieHamlett

Maggie Pearson

Here’s the scoop on Maggie Pearson’s first job: She worked at a Baskins Robbins ice cream shop.

No word if she sampled all of Baskin’s 31 flavors, but she did learn an important lesson: “People appreciate a happy attitude,” she said.

Call that a good takeaway for a career in public relations, and for the past five years, law firm marketing.

Pearson joined the Charlottesville law firm of MichieHamlett in 2011 as their director of marketing.

Returning to Virginia was a bit of a homecoming for Pearson. She grew up in Coral Gables, Florida, then came north to the Old Dominion to attend school at Hollins College.

She went back to Florida, where she was in public relations for about 10 years. In 2008, a chance to be a senior stewardship coordinator at the University of Virginia brought her to Charlottesville. From that position she went to MichieHamlett.

She joined LMA shortly after taking the law firm job, and she said the group’s annual conference last year in San Diego has been her favorite LMA experience so far.

Pearson speaks both French and Spanish. The French no doubt was useful when she was doing some post-graduate work at Institut d’Etudes pour Etudiants Estrangers. And it could have given her an alternative career.

If she hadn’t become a marketer, Pearson says she would have been “a lounge singer in Paris.”

By Sherma Mather, Ad Director-Virginia Lawyers Media, for the May/June 2016 issue of the Capital Ideas Newsletter.

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