Using AI to Automatically Profile Prior Work to Support Pricing, Staffing and Business Development

Domain:  Business Development, Business of Law

Law firms are challenged to find the best examples of prior work for pricing, staffing, and business development purposes. This session will focus on how natural language processing (NLP) tools can mine information from a variety of existing sources to classify and categorize matters and identify lawyers with the right expertise supporting pricing and growth initiatives and leading to improved client service.
Topics Include:

  • Discuss the practical application of NLP to improve the profiling of matters and lawyer expertise necessary to support pricing, staffing and business development
  • Describe how NLP tools can overcome the challenge of capturing data in disparate silos and reduce the burden on people entering information while improving data quality and reducing the risk of missing data
  • Describe how information mined using NLP tools can be combined with financial and business development information to uncover fresh insights and improve client service

Barry Solomon, Foundation Software Group
Richard E. Robbins, Sidley Austin LLP
Kate Cain, Sidley Austin LLP

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Video-Recorded Session This session includes video, audio and synced presentations for an enhanced virtual learning experience. 

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