2019 LMASW Region Conference Recap: The Art of Self Preservation: Using Goals, Metrics, & Conversations to Showcase Your Accomplishments

LMA Southwest chats with 2019 LMA Southwest Region Conference presenters Michael Blachly, Christine Harris and Paul Grabowski to discuss their presentation, "The Art of Self Preservation: Using Goals, Metrics, & Conversations to Showcase Your Accomplishments" 

What inspired you to speak on this topic?

As heads of marketing and business development, we have each found ourselves in positions where we are not only having to prove the success of ourselves as individuals but our departments as well.  And sharing these “lessons learned” will only help our profession continue to grow in sophistication and expertise so we can be better leaders within the law firms we represent.  Along with that was the opportunity to speak on a panel with professionals who have spent time in firms of varying sizes and with different backgrounds allowed us to bring different perspectives.

What are the top three things you hope the attendees took from your presentation?

  1. Just as we need to promote the firm and our attorneys, we need to promote ourselves and our teams.  Find ways to showcase your services and tools to your attorneys.
  2. Look for ways to track and measure all your efforts and tools even if they are small. The more statistics, KPIs and metrics you have the better you will be able to articulate the reasons for keeping or killing a program. 
  3. Showcase your value.  Use those metrics/KPIs to show what you have accomplished.  Hold feedback sessions with key partners.  Provide a report to firm leadership on the activities you have done.  Utilize firm resources to tell success stories.  All of these will build strong support for you and your team and drive success. 

The Southwest Region has just launched its LMANext Program aiming to provide mentorship and professional develop to legal marketers who are just starting out in this field. What things should new marketers be looking for or start to collect to support and show their value?

Whether you are the head of the department or the bottom of the totem pole the lessons discussed here are the same.  No matter how large or small your team is, finding ways to promote what you do, track your efforts and showcase your success particularly to those who make decisions about your future (whether attorneys or your boss in the marketing department) will only lead to success.

What is one thing you didn't share during your presentation that everyone should know about this topic?

Mentorship is a great way to find growth opportunities.  Look for those that can help you understand who you are and help you find solutions to the challenges we are presented with. 

What didn't we ask that you wish we did? 

We would love to mention that LMA can be a significant help in becoming a better legal marketer. Utilize the network of legal marketing experts to find answers and guidance.  Attend the conferences and/or LSC meetings to continue to expand your expertise.  LMA truly is a great gift to our profession. 

Michael Blachly is the Chief Marketing Officer for Gray Reed & McGraw, a full-service, Texas law firm with over 150 attorneys. Michael brings more than 15 years of experience in corporate marketing, business development and corporate communications primarily centered on driving business in the professional services sector.

Christine Harris is Director of Marketing for Kane Russell Coleman Logan, PC. With a focus on client-facing/revenue-generating activities, she collaborates with attorneys on all aspects of driving business development initiatives that deepen existing client relationships, cross-selling opportunities and thought leadership.

Paul is an award-winning, innovative, seasoned professional and licensed attorney with 20-plus years direct management experience in business development, marketing, communications, administration, and operations for professional services, Fortune 500, professional & collegiate athletics, and private sports and entertainment facility management. He is a published author and recognized for visionary branding campaigns combined with a proven track record for increasing top line revenue on an individual and company level.

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