Sponsor Spotlight: Ackert

Our coaching improves lawyers’ skills,

Our PipelinePlus app tracks BD,

Combine the two for best results,

For execution is the key.

What does a typical day at your company look like?

Coaching sessions, product sprints,

Webinars and authorship,

Meeting as a team to see

How we can improve stewardship.

How has Covid-19 changed things for you?

Everyone is now remote,

With a realistic point of view,

Fortunately, our culture’s strong

And our sense of humor gets us through.

 What sets your company apart in the industry?

BD coaching, simple tech,

The combo is our secret sauce,

When our clients point to ROI,

They are never at a loss.

What do you look forward to in 2021?

We’ve sponsored LMA for years,

And proudly served on many boards,

But we’re looking forward to reconnecting

In person, away from our keyboards!


David Ackert, President


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