Six Questions for the 2017 LMA Northeast Conference Co-Chairs Savannah Alden and Jamie Mulholland

LMA conferences are something to which many of us look forward each year. Between the information we learn, reconnecting with old friends and making new ones, I am re-energized for my profession, and full of passion and ideas when I return to the office, armed with new ideas and knowledge. This year’s inaugural LMA Northeast Conference promises to leave attendees with nothing less than that – thanks to our 2017 co-chairs, Savannah Alden and Jamie Mulholland, who have been hard at work for many months planning and executing the very best conference possible, which they juggle with their busy careers in legal marketing. 

Read more about the LMA Northeast Conference co-chairs and what you can expect from the conference. 

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Savannah Alden Jamie Mulholland

Why did you want to serve as a co-chair of the LMA Northeast Conference?

SA: Within our firms and in various roles, the days can get so hectic that sometimes it is a challenge to keep up with emails and meetings alone. I find that any time I am able to get together with colleagues from LMA, it is a great opportunity to challenge ourselves to break from just getting things done, to working smarter and creating change within our firms. I truly enjoyed being a part of the New England conference committee in the past, so when the opportunity to get involved with the new regional conference came up, I thought it would be a great way to meet more bright colleagues and give back to LMA in a meaningful way. 

JM: Like Savannah, I was involved in our local Philadelphia conference, co-chairing each of its two years in existence. I love attending the large annual conference, but for some people and their firms, the cost or time to attend is prohibitive. I believe the local/regional conferences serve an important role for LMA in that they are within reach of so many members in terms of time or budget. And anything that keeps us in touch and supported in our work is a great pursuit! 

Tell us about some of the highlights of the programs of the upcoming LMA Northeast Conference.

SA: Our committee put together a dynamic program that is relevant to legal marketing and business development professionals across roles and levels. I am particularly excited to hear from the CMO panel—we’ve lined up a great group of CMOs with varied backgrounds, changed up the format a bit and know that it won’t be something you’ve heard before. 

JM: I agree! Also, we have a wonderful mix of longtime respected legal marketing veterans, coupled with dynamic new leaders and topics. It’s an incredible and powerful mix of learning and connecting. 

Tell us more about the keynote speaker.

SA: Our keynote is going to be fantastic. Without giving too much away, Jeff Leitner’s talk is called “Leveraging Invisible Forces.” He has a really interesting background and has compiled interesting research on social norms. He’s going to share with us insights on his research findings and provide analysis on what that means within law firms and how it will affect the future of the legal industry. Pretty interesting stuff and a great way to set the tone for the day! 

JM: We’ve tried to incorporate a forward-looking theme throughout the day, from this keynote through the end-of-day CMO panel. Not just reaffirming “how to’s” but “where do we go from here’s.” It’s going to be fantastic! 

What have you personally learned as a result of planning the conference?

SA: I am consistently impressed by the level of dedication of those in leadership roles – whether it’s a volunteer on our committee, an active member of a local steering committee or a regional board member. There are so many talented individuals who are giving their time and talents, I am lucky to be able to learn from them and work alongside them. To this day, I’ve been working alongside my co-chair Jamie on a daily basis and am looking forward to actually meeting her in person on her home turf in November! I’ve personally taken this opportunity to refine my leadership style and really work on empowering those on the committee to be able to own their projects and support them along the way. 

JM: In Philadelphia, everyone on the conference committee knew each other and we met often in person. Our Northeast conference committee comprises individuals from Boston, Philadelphia, New York and a few cities in between. It’s a challenge to rely solely on the phone and email! But everyone is working so hard, and we’re so proud of everyone on our team. When someone has a busy week, their fellow subcommittee team members take the reins. Talk about teamwork! Our theme for the conference is all about connecting and, just like our region has come together as a result of the reorganization, we have all come together on every element of planning, every single day. 

Why do you think someone should attend the LMA Northeast Conference?

SA: In addition to hearing from dozens of amazing speakers, there is a certain synergy that comes from attending a legal marketing conference. It is a great opportunity to meet new people, reconnect with old colleagues and take back new ideas to your firms. 

JM: You said it, sister! LMA is an amazing organization. There is a bond among members that is unparalleled and reaches across geographic and firm lines. We work together. We share. We help each other. A conference like this presents a learning opportunity, certainly, but it is also a celebration of who we are, how hard we work and how well we connect. 

What are you each most excited about with regard to the LMA Northeast Conference?

SA: I am looking forward to seeing everyone and everything come together! As anyone who plans events knows, it takes a village to be able to put everything into place so we’ve been planning the conference for nearly a year! I am a detail person, so I typically am thinking about the smallest detail down to the types of coffee and the cups we have at each break. I am also looking forward to meeting many of the committee members I have not yet had the opportunity to meet but with whom we have been working so closely! 

JM: I’m excited for people to come to Philadelphia! It’s such a great city, and the Marriott is in the heart of a really fun area. You have the classic Reading Terminal Market, wonderful shopping, and incredible restaurants. And, ey yo Adrian:  don’t forget to run up those Art Museum steps! 

To learn more about the 2017 LMA Northeast Regional Conference, including how to register, click here. 

More About Savannah:

Based in Boston, Savannah is a member of WilmerHale’s client development team supporting the marketing and business development efforts of transactional practice groups, with a primary focus on planning and executing events and sponsorships. 

More About Jamie:

Jamie is an independent law firm marketing consultant who has worked with firms of all sizes for 18 years. She was a founding board member and past president of the LMA Philadelphia chapter, co-chaired the LMA Philadelphia one-day conference for both of its two years of existence, and was twice named to the “Best of” list for law firm service providers by The Legal Intelligencer, the oldest law journal in the United States.

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