Simple Ways to Effectively Use Social Media to Help Build Your Law Practice

Sponsored by the Social Media SIG

Domain: Technology Management

This webinar will teach lawyers how to effectively use social media and other digital tools in their law practice and explain why they need to be using them. It provides several practical steps they can take to help increase their professional visibility, demonstrate their substantive knowledge and expertise in their subject area, and create and strengthen their professional relationships. The webinar demonstrates and explains many of the techniques discussed in the Simple Ways to Use Social Media Marketing in One Hour 3 part blog series. It includes multiple examples of actual situations where the presenter has obtained work directly from social media and explains what techniques led to that initial contact. Participants in the webinar will learn the following:
-Specific reasons to use social media in your law practice and the marketing objectives of each of those reasons
-Practical ways to use of social media without violating attorney and law firm ethical rules or social norms
-Specific free tools that you can use to amplify your message and broaden the reach of your social media marketing efforts while decreasing the amount of time you spend

Shawn Tuma, Partner, Scheef & Stone, LLP; Cordell Parvin, President, Cordell Parvin LLC

Price: Complimentary for Members

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