Roundtable on What Legal Marketers Need to Know About Emerging Technologies

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The following content is presented by the LMA West Region.

Domains: Business Development, Business of Law, Client Services, Communications, Marketing Management and Leadership, Technology Management

Moderators: Jon Metcalf, Director of Marketing Technology, Fenwick & West LLP and Elonide Semmes, President, Right Hat LLC

This interactive roundtable featuring industry innovators will inform legal marketers on everything they need to know about the technologies that are disrupting and transforming the legal industry. It will show attendees how to put these innovations into practice to build their brands and lead to revenue generation. Technologies to be discussed will include big data/lead scoring, artificial intelligence, virtual reality/augmented reality, blockchain, predictive analytics and more.

How to Use Artificial Intelligence Tools to Improve Business Development
Speaker: Anand Ravindra Upadhye, VP Business Development, Casetext, Inc.
Speaker: Elonide Semmes, President, Right Hat LLC
Clients expect to see how your law firm uses cutting-edge technology in client proposals. They want to know that your firm is going to provide high-quality services more efficiently than any other firm, and they want to know that choosing your firm means that the most innovative and cutting-edge technology will be applied in their representation. The buzz about artificial intelligence in legal tech means clients are asking more questions on how firms can use AI to improve their legal work. Anand will provide best practices for how to effectively discuss AI tools to address client concerns such as efficiency in legal services and accuracy in legal research, and provide recommendations for how to talk about AI, focused on how it assists in delivering top quality legal services.

Immersive Storytelling with Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality
Speaker: Helen Bertelli, Vice President, Infinite Global
Developments in virtual and augmented reality are allowing storytellers to transport the senses so story recipients are no longer “others,” but become an active part of the adventure. What this means for marketers and PR practitioners is still unfolding, but we do know that this technology elicits more empathy than other mediums and holds the viewers’ attention for longer than other mediums, leading to more powerful storytelling. Dubbed “the new internet” for its potential to touch and change everything from e-commerce to medicine, it has incredible potential for communicators. Helen will explain VR and AR, outline options and ideas for its use, and provide a roadmap for marketers and PR practitioners who wish to utilize it in legal marketing.

Blockchain – Why Legal Marketers Should Pay Attention to this Disruptive Technology
Speaker: Deb Dobson, Marketing Technology Manager, Fisher Phillips
Speaker: Ben Greenzweig, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder, Momentum Events
Blockchain is set to disrupt every industry. Is it hype or a disruptive technology that could impact our professional, and yes, personal lives. Deb and Ben will help attendees easily understand what is Blockchain, learn about the industries that are already implementing the technology and why it is important to understand the technology as legal marketers.


Jon Metcalf, JD MBA, Director of Marketing Technology, Fenwick & West LLP
Benjamin J. Grennzweig, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder, Momentum Event Group
Elonide C. Semmes, President, Right Hat LLC
Helen Julie Bertelli, Vice President, Infinite Global
Deb Dobson, Marketing Technology Manager, Fisher Phillips LLP
Anand Ravindra Upadhye, VP Business Development, Casetext, Inc.


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