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Never has it been more important to understand the power of developing and maintaining a strong online presence. When a simple Google search can tell us more about a person than ever before – who they are, what they do, why they matter, and more – online reputation management is critical. As important as it is, however, no one controls their own reputation.

For attorneys and their firms, that means that clients, colleagues, referral sources, online rankings, and even competitors can have a powerful influence on what others think of you. Put another way: if a lawyer doesn’t control her online reputation, someone else will.

Join Mark and Lance for an overview of managing an online reputation. They’ll provide practical tips that you can share with your lawyers – and implement yourself – to ensure that their good reputation stays that way. 

Featured Speakers: Mark C. Elliott, Director of Business Development & Human Resources, Eastman & Smith Ltd; Lance G. Godard, Client Relations Manager, Fisher & Phillips LLC

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