Q&A with 2019 LMA Mid-Atlantic Region Conference Attendees: Catherine Iszard, Kate Boronkay and Emily Johnson

As the clock ticks down to the second annual LMA Mid-Atlantic Region Conference in Washington, D.C., on November 6, our members are looking at the program and planning out how to take advantage of the sessions and networking opportunities in the most advantageous way. 

We talked with three prospective attendees -- Catherine Iszard, associate business development and marketing coordinator, NERA Economic Consulting; Kate Boronkay, Independent Consultant; and Emily Johnson, senior business development coordinator, Eversheds Sutherland -- and asked them about their plans for the conference.

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Here is what they told us.

Why are you looking forward to participating in the 2nd Annual LMA Mid-Atlantic Region Conference on November 6?

Catherine: I joined LMA in February and have already seen the value for our organization. By attending seminars, networking events, and volunteering for this conference, I have gained valuable insight on the trends and current technologies in legal marketing. By engaging with members on social media, attending happy hours, and listening to webinars, I have picked up on key legal marketing terminology and met other LMA members who are available and willing to help newcomers, such as myself, succeed. The conference will serve as another opportunity for me to meet other legal marketers who are passionate about our success as a whole.

Kate: I am excited to join the Mid-Atlantic region for my first regional conference this November. Having attended my first Annual Conference in 2017, I left feeling energized and empowered, knowing I was equipped with the tools I needed to be successful as a legal marketer. And you can’t forget the community – the LMA community is comprised of bright, supportive, and engaged marketers who want to see us all succeed. I look forward to connecting with new and familiar faces, and receiving that familiar energy boost that comes from getting this community together.

Emily: I have found that the Mid-Atlantic Region conference is a wonderful opportunity to network with industry professionals at all levels. I’m excited to meet new people, connect with old colleagues and friends, and ultimately, be immersed in a high-energy environment where everyone is so eager to help each other, learn from one another, and collaborate to find and share solutions to the challenges common to so many of us in this industry.

What types of sessions are you most excited about?

Catherine: I am most excited about the business development and event sessions. I am excited to hear from Blank Rome’s Business Development team on one-on-one coaching and the key to motivating lawyers to take action and sustain momentum. Turning events into business development successes is very intriguing to me because our firm has been increasing our involvement in events, and I’d love to hear success stories and how other firms are measuring success.

Kate: I’m most excited for Darryl W. Cross’ presentation, “Build a High Performance Team…Without Burning Them Out.” One of my favorite thought leaders in the health, wellbeing, and performance space is Brad Stulberg and I get the sense both Brad and Darryl are very aligned in their thinking. This topic is so timely and relevant, so it’s a session I refuse to miss!

Emily: I spend a significant amount of time helping my attorneys plan and execute events, so I am really looking forward to the “From Boondoggle to Business: Turning Runaway Events into Business Development Successes” panel. I’m excited to hear the presenters share their perspectives on how to facilitate more open, effective conversations with attorneys that get them thinking about business development and ROI around an event.

In what ways do you expect that you will learn things at the conference that will help you in your day-to-day work?

Catherine: If the agenda is any indication of how the conference will turn out, I will both learn about trends and forecasts in legal marketing and also develop invaluable relationships with other legal marketers. One specific plan of action I have is to learn what firms are doing in terms of their webinar capabilities. If I can report back some ideas to my team, it will make the conference a huge success for me. I am also interested in learning about what other firms are doing to prepare for the California Consumer Privacy Act.

Kate: Earlier this year I transitioned into a digital marketing role, blending marketing communications and marketing technology. As I overcome this exciting new learning curve, I have Chris Fritsch’s Ted-style Talk on my radar. Her presentations and newsletters are always insightful and extremely valuable. I also look forward to learning noteworthy client-led insights during “Focus on Client-Led Growth – A Key Approach for BD Success” since analyzing data sets from BD and other activities is a key component to expanding business with clients.

Emily: While there are numerous sessions addressing technical topics that will certainly prove helpful, there are also a number of sessions that, to some extent or another, focus on leadership, management, or team-building. As I continue to grow and advance in my career, I increasingly recognize the importance of these skills and the need to hone them. The stories, lessons, and advice related to these topics will likely be one of the greatest things I take away and continue to reflect on day-to-day as I work to become a better professional. 

What are your expectations and hopes for this conference? We hope that you are just as excited about it as we are.


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Q&A with 2019 LMA Mid-Atlantic Region Conference Attendees: Catherine Iszard, Kate Boronkay and Emily Johnson

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